IB Lang & Lit Porfolio

Goals – I hope to keep organized throughout the entire IB 2 years, I want to sort out clearly what I know and what I need to know more about the subject to improve in a steady pace so I would be ready for the May of 2023, this goal not only applies to IB English Language and Literature but to every single subject that I will be taking for the next two years.

Analyze – I make sure to avoid as much procrastination as I can throughout the upcoming years. I hope to complete all of my homework on time completed and done to the best of my ability to suck as much knowledge from the homework as I can in the process. I  intend to take up a lot of time on my own to improve on the weaknesses that I currently know  and using a variety of way such as reading and doing SAT practice tests

Connect – Ironically I believe that English is my weakest subject, I have much to learn on how to write formally with fluent grammar and my vocabulary is very limited. So I hope that during these two year of IB English Language and Literature I am able to analyze and understand all the upcoming reading and writings.

Self-Assessment – I believe even though my goal doesn’t sound like a very difficult goal, it seems like a quite distance goal to me since I tend to believe that I’m overly lacking in every area which makes it very hard for myself to actually understand what I know and what I don’t know which causes it to be very hard for me to improve within a short amount of time. I also have a habit of rushing because I constantly feel as if I’m really behind which causes the quality of my work to be quite flawed.

Reflect – Even though I quite enjoy reading I tend to read in a different language then English since my mother tongue isn’t English, apart from not reading in English my communication between my friends and family we mostly speak in Chinese so my foundation for English isn’t strong but instead very lacking, and by compiling more information on top of a not so strong foundation has made English a difficult course for me.

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