My Propaganda Poster

The poster shows the participation of a presidential election for animal charities, the intended audience is the people who have intentions of donating towards animal specifically dog charity shelters. This poster would be something daily citizen will see on their social media, since this poster’s purpose is to convince the viewers to do something for the community and that they can really make a change in the lives of homeless animals. 

The use of plain or common folks within the poster is to show the viewers that this is something that can fit into their daily lives giving a stronger sense of community and connection between the viewers and the poster. Also by using plain folks the viewers are more likely to understand and empathize with the poster, since humans are social animals by nature by adding more common citizens within the poster the viewers are more encourage to join into a group to “fit in” more with the society.  

“We are all deserving of a warm home” was also the use of propaganda to stir the feeling of empathy from the viewer towards the poster. “We” is a very inclusive word automatically stating that the viewer of the poster is apart of the group or community that is within the poster, while the word “deserving” is the word that is used to stir up emotions within this phrase, by using “deserving” instead of “needing” makes the poster indicate that a warm home is obtained through hard work and sacrifices. “A warm home” is an imagery everyone has, everyone has a different imagery of what a warm home is like, the viewers are forced to connect with the poster by either thinking back to their warm household or making up an imagery of what a warm home is like within their head therefore bring more empathy towards the poster. 

Appealing to guilt was also a technique I used in the poster, at the bottom of the poster where there were several images of small timid animals which were hurt and scared is a technique used to convince the viewers how much of an importance they are and how they could change the lives of weak and feeble animals. Also by contrasting the disheartening image of the animals we use bright colours and the small dog in the centre to encourage the viewers to think on the brighter side, the words “recently adopted” is to show that there is change being made within the community.  

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