Cartoon Analysis

  In this cartoon about rape allegations, Liza Donnelly uses repetition, logos and irony in order to criticise the lack of respect that women get when they choose to speak out about their experiences with sexual harassment. This Cartoon was… Continue Reading →

Logo Design

Creative Process:    After being assigned our “clients,” we had to do a lot of brainstorming in order to actually come up with appropriate ideas for a logo. Part of the brainstorming process was sketching out a lot of rough… Continue Reading →

Logo Designs

22nd of March:   During this lesson we were separated into groups and gave each other feedback on the logo that each one of us has created. My initial logo looked like this: The main focus of the feedback i… Continue Reading →

Working with Illustrator

During class we had to watch a couple of tutorials on different techniques that could be used in illustrator, and this was the end result. The image on the left is a flower that was created through various geometric shapes… Continue Reading →


X Design Persona Poster

My inspiration:  What is a design? – To me, a design is a vision that a person creates in order to change the appearance of whatever it is that they’re putting a design together for (Objects, clothing etc.) What inspires… Continue Reading →

Wearable Product

Distance Hand-Holder     The specific problem that I looked into regarding Covid-19 was the way it can affect mental health. Everyone has a different situation at home and different ways of quarantining, some may get lonely.  This product targets… Continue Reading →

English 9 Humour Unit Reflection

During this unit, I have explored various language techniques which are used by playwrights and poets in order to achieve humorous effect. What I’ve gathered from analysing the “Mother Figure” play and “Father” poem is that authors do not necessarily… Continue Reading →


This unit was all about designing a lamp, it took us through the different stages of designing a product. Firstly, we had to think of a theme for our lamp – and I chose animals. Which seemed relatively simple as… Continue Reading →

Design Persona

Reflection: Drawing in illustrator was a new experience for me. The only tool that I used for the portrait was the pen tool, and later on to highlight the text I used the oval shaped tool. One of the most… Continue Reading →

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