Polymer journal #4

For the first 7 prototype, our polymer is not success because the polymer can not hold hot so when it stay near the hot stuff the polymer will start melting. So we change to Gelatine and we change to hold hot to cold.

Polymer Journal #3

This is Gelatin with hot water process ^^^


This is the process of testing our polymer^^^

Identify the physical properties that you want your polymer to have 

Our polymer needs to be solid, squishy that have a good hand touch but do not stick figures and have a good smell. Also, it can hold well in the cold and can not dissolve in water.

Describe a plan for how you will develop your different prototypes. 

We change the normal polymer to other types because we tried much time with it and it doesn’t work. So the new prototype we develop is putting Gelatine and hot water together to make a polymer like jelly.

Describe a method to test the prototypes for your desired properties 

Our testing will be putting the polymer around the lunch box that has room temperature water in it, and after few hours the water temperature has been decreed or not because with this we can know that if the polymer can really preserve cold.  Also, we need to test that if the polymers can or cannot dissolve in water so we put the polymer in the water for three days because we want our polymer is able to put into the liquid.


Design technology robot project


  • Overall, I think this product was successful because…Overall, I think this product was successful because I make my robot out and most are finished

  • Overall, I think this product was unsuccessful because…​

Overall, I think this product was unsuccessful because I didn’t quite finished

  • If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is…​

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is I will use my time more wisely so that I can finish my robot.

Polymer journal #2


This is the process of making our polymers

Define the specific goal of your polymer project

Our goal is to the insulation of mugs that use the polymer to stick around the teacher coffee mug that to insulate the heat so it can stay warm for a long time.

Describe your target audience

Our audience is the teacher because the teacher often uses the coffee mug and when they leave the mug at the desk while teaching the coffee will become cold.

Describe the problems that will be solved by creating your polymer. 

The problem for our group is to use a polymer to help the teacher coffee stay warm or hot for longer.

Explain which specific polymer characteristics from a different base. 

We choose Gloop to be our base because gloop is soft but not slimy, it is stretchy but not too sticky so it doesn’t stick to fingers and when gloop sticking to the mug it not easy to slide down or off. And the base needs to be thick so that it will able to insulate the heat. The base also needs to be not easy to break apart so it can able to wrap around the mug. It also needs to able to stay on the mug that doesn’t slide down.