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Sound designer

1. What are the main jobs of a sound designer in a play? 

  • Connecting the sound system and the story for the show
  • Creating sound effects that the play requires
  • Setting up the sound playback equipment

2. What does it mean when he says, “If you notice the sound design, it’s a bad design”?

  • Because sound designers are unnoticed while influencing audiences.

3. What does he say he is exploring with the violin?

  • He is trying to create a sound that is connecting to the specific scene in “the secret of sherlock homes” using the violin.

4. Why he loves sound design?

  • The sound design gives him a chance to make art that he is good at, and he also loves to make music in the company of others.

Stage design – Necrophobia

The phobia that I chose is Necrophobia, which is s phobia about death or dead things.  For the stage type, I am using the proscenium, to make the audience to see the front part of the stage.  The background and the light are very dark, and I chose this color because the dark represents fear or death. In the middle of the stage, there is a huge sandglass, that has a big skeleton in it, and this symbolizes the time for death is being near. There are some graves and fog in the stage, and this makes a spooky atmosphere.

Mood Board : Necrophobia

The picture that is shown is the mood board of the “Necrophobia “. “Necrophobia ” is a specific phobia which is the irrational fear of dead things. The reason why I chose this phobia is that all people have a fear of dying, and it was interesting to me that there is a phobia about death. The pictures show the death and fear.

Sketching Practice -Sketching my living room

( Sketch of my living room in Korea)

Video link =

1. How are they similar?

-Both places give a feeling that it looks like a room.

-Three parts of the space are blocked by walls.

2. What are some differences between a functional room in a house and a stage design?

-The functional room just needs to be designed or built for just comfort, but the stage design needs to be designed and built for a specific purpose and has to be well connected with the story.

-The functional room just needs a place for some people and pieces of stuff, but the stage design needs enough place to fit for a large number of people and huge pieces of stuff for the story.

3. What are things that a stage designer needs to consider when designing compared to an architect who designs houses?

-A stage designer needs to consider when he/she designs, attracts the audiences’ attention through the color, atmosphere, props.

-An architect who designs houses needs to consider when designing  a house, to feel comfortable about the space

Process Journal – Sound design

Video link = time_continue=1&v=MGtX9P8gDI8&feature=emb_title

In the video, sound designer “Alma Kelleher” explains the rule and the concept of sound design in a theater. In the video, a sound designer is a person who makes the audience to indulge in the atmosphere of the story through music in the theater. Also, in the video, it says that a music designer needs not only musical talent but also technical skills to handle sound-making equipment. Moreover, when making music, they need to keep connecting with other people in the theater.  Before watching this video, I thought that a music designer who works at the theater only needs a musical talent. But after watching this video, I realized that this job does not only require musical talent but also technical talent.

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