Pedro’s Journal #1

Right now we are reading a book called Pedro’s Journal.

Pedro is a young boy who can read and write in Spanish, thats why he has come with Christopher Columbus from Spain to get to India with Columbus’s crew of 40 sailors. He has stopped his life to go on this journey which is pretty impressive. We have learned that Pedro cannot swim and that he is the only living son of his mother. We have also learned that he writes and copy’s Columbus’s work that he writes. He has boarded 3 ships the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Niña.

I have learned 2 new terms for sails, the lateen rigging and the square rigging. Square rigging is better for the wind as Christopher Columbus had ordered.

A connection I have to this is when my family was living in Fiji. Every weekend we would go out to sea and would sail and scuba dive to see what we could find underwater .

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