Math Unit 2 Reflection

1. Explain how to multiply 28 * 74 in words. Do it so that someone who does not know how to multiply will learn from you.

First you multiply 4 by 28 then 7 times 28 but before u do anything put a zero when you do 7 *28 and put it in the ones place. After that you add those 2 together and BAM you have the answer

2. Look through your Math Journal for Unit 2.

What was something that you found really interesting?

There was nothing REALLY INTERESTING but some of the hard questions were the solving number stories (2-8).

What was something you found really challenging?

Some thing I found challenging was trying to find the maximum, minimum and the median when we were estimating our reaction time.
3. Why is organization so important when using a table to solve problems?

Because if you mix it up you could count something twice and would get the question wrong. So you should order it from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest in your table

Pre-Singing Deer Lodge Camp Reflection

I think the most fun thing at cap for me is hiking and investigating the lake where there can be all sorts of creatures

The reason I’m going to camp is because its a really good idea taking students away from SO MUCH technology and letting them expierience the country side and make them go on hikes and exploring the area. We also get experiences that we could NEVER get in Beijing.

Who was Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was an amazing man. He was born in 1304 from Morocco, He started his journey at the age of 21 on the date of 1325 to get to Mecca which took him 14 months. After a while in Mecca he started to explore the edge of Arabia and other lands near it, he traveled in all different ways in that time. From boats that move with the wind to walking and riding camels in the sahara desert, He had met 60 emperors/kings where (because of his family being judges for a long time) became the ambassador of China where he represented India.
He has traveled to Egypt, Persia, The Black Sea, India, Istanbul, Black Nile, China and lots of other different places in that area of the world. He had made a book called “The Rihla” about his travels which is now is many different languages. At the end he was very homesick and traveled back to Morocco where he thought he would find his mother and father. But no luck, his mother had died from the Black Plague and his father had died too.