The Parting

The Parting was about these two children who are the smartest in their class and live with their dads and uncle in their farm, but these children had never met their moms so one day Benji (the boy) got some weird texts on his phone and felt really homesick for some reason even though he was at home. When they inspected their burned down house, they found a super-8 movie which they watched and saw their moms but it was weird because their moms had tiny hips and giant heads with giant eyes and it was weird! Then they saw beings dad use the digger shove something circular in the pond and they were curious because their dads said not to go swimming in that pond so they went up to the pond and Benji used the digger and took something weird with flashing lights out of the pond so they inspected it and found it was some kind of alien device, they also found out that the symbols on his phone matched the device so Benji just walked right in and flew away.


This is a “to be continued story” which I don’t like because then if there isn’t a second book you will regret it your entire life.

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