Unit 3 Math Reflection -Maxim Péan

Explain how you would find the product of 28 x 74.

First you line up all the numbers under each other, then you multiply 4 by 28. After that you multiply 7 by 28 but put a zero in the ones place before you do anything. In the end you add up both of the answers and you get 2,072.

What was the best part of this unit? Explain

My favorite part of this unit was when we played “Polygon Capture”  because when I as small I used to always play a game called memory where you had to match up 2 cards while all of them are flipped over and whoever has the most cards wins, Polygon Capture is very similar to this just with polygons and you have to find out which one has for example 1 right angle, 4 sides, 3 acute angles etc.

What was the most challenging part of this unit? Explain.

The most challenging part was the first test because I didn’t know some of the things Mr.Daw was giving us so it was pretty challenging and i wanted to do everything right so that Mr.Daw would be proud of me.

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