Facing Jesse James -Gary Cross

Facing Jesse James¬†is a book about a boy who’s name is josh and he has a best friend called Ben but his town gets raided by Jesse James who robs banks and kills people. After that Jesse James comes to his house but his dad faces him and Josh runs out trying to shoot them, Josh’s dad persuades them Josh is just a boy and they leave. After 5 years Ben’s dad gets killed and Ben disappears and no one knows where he went.

I understand this story more than all the others because it makes a lot more sense and I’ve read a lot of books like this.


The Glass Boy -Melaina Faranda

The Glass Boy is about a very poor boy with a very poor family and his mother gave him to a glass maker who made him get the glass and all the accessories, but one day his master made a deal with another glass maker to whoever wins the glass contest can have their daughter married and be wealthy, then one day the master falls ill and it all depends on Pietro to make the finest glass piece he can make.

One connection I have to this book is that when we went to venice for a holiday, how the boy described it was EXACTLY true!

I think this book was not very clear of the story and didn’t flow very well. Another comment is that I don’t think the master was that respectful to the boy because he called him sewer rat and didn’t even appreciate that the boy was doing all this for his family and that they were all fed good.


GAME OVER -John Lockyer

Game over is a story of a time in the future when humans would battle aliens and there is this woman who wants to turn from captain to commander and has to past a final test against another captain and she has to use all her skills against a fleet of 500 alien droids.


A connection I have is when she gets really frustrated while she battles and  she bangs the controller, I do that also when I am playing video games and am battling someone.

The setting is in the future I think because they control ships with controllers and they are in space ships battling aliens, also the women and men are all bald.