Math Unit 5 Reflection

Two places outside of school where people would use fraction would be when they are dividing a pizza and at shops figuring out how much money your don’t have to pay when the shop has discount.
People use decimals when measuring things at a super market and when paying the electricity bill.
Shops, Supermarkets and Malls.
So that its easier than adding 3/5 and 6/10 you can just think quicker.
I would convert them to decimals then compare the decimals from smallest to greatest then look at the fractions and order them from the decimals I see.

Math Unit 4 Reflection

1.  Tell why you think it is important to be able to divide numbers.  For what kind of problems do you need to use division?
I think it is important to have division in your head because you could use it for business in your future, But most importantly you can use it in middle school to your graduation because it makes everything much easier.
2.  What are three times you have had to use division in your life?
One of the three times are: Math class in school, shopping and tutor.
3.  What part of division is hard for you?  Why is it hard?
A part of division that is hard for me is dividing in decimals because sometimes I get really confused with if you add or multiply.
4.  What should be the next part of your division learning?
Learning how to divide in decimals with more numbers.

Sign of the Beaver

The most interesting thing about Matt is that he actually lets his dad leave him alone, I think this is a sign that Matt can survive on his own and that he wants his dad to be proud of him. He is so used to having neighbors help out and go to the market, but now he has nothing but a house and food resources.

Matt and Attean’s friendship has grown because Attean is starting to understand Matt’s world and how he lives by listening to Matt read Robinson Crusoe. Matt is also understanding Attean’s world and how he hasn’t gone into the outside world before and doesn’t think like Matt thinks. I know this because Attean always thinks for himself and doesn’t really want to learn more about Matt’s world.