Reading Journal: January 29, 2016

Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar

A lot has changed between the last reading journal entry and this one.

First of all Tamaya knows what her rash is from and its the “fuzzy mud”. The fuzzy muds spread all over HeathCliff and is now affecting other people too!

But lets get back to the very start of this spreading, Chad gets hit in the face with the mud by Tamaya, no one sees chad for days. Tamaya feels like its her fault that Chad is lost so she runs into the woods to find him. Now we are at the part where she finds Chad but his face is totally swollen and he’s blind. Who knows, will they get back or will they stay in the woods forever seeking help?

Chad is a seventh grader in Woodridge Academy that has been kicked out of school 6 times and thats why he came to Woodridge, not because his family had money and not because he’s smart. Now we know that Chad picks on Marshall because they have the same birthday and Chad heard Marshall talking about how he got his favorite food for his birthday and Chad gets nothing

Baking Fractions Reflection

Today we went to the school kitchen and baked/made muffins and smoothies.

We had to figure out how much sugar or flour we had to put in the table/teaspoons and cups instead of using milliliters and grams. Some groups got to dip their muffins in cinnamon and sugar.

My favorite thing was drinking the smoothies because I like smoothies a lot.

Somethings that I would change is putting fruit into the muffins because then its not as sweet.

I would like to do this again because its fun to do and you get to eat!

Reading Journal: January 22, 2016

Recently I have been reading a book calledĀ Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar,

This book is about a girl called Tamaya Dhilwaddi and she calls herself a “Goodie Two Shoes” because she has never missed a day of school and actually likes her school uniform. Woodbridge Academy is a school for eitherĀ rich families or very smart kids, Tamaya was one of the smart ones. Everyday she walks to school with a seventh grade boy called Marshall. Marshall was one of the smart kids too. One day this new kid Chad comes into Marshall’s grade and bullies him all the time because he is jealous that Marshall is smarter than him. Then after a week or so of being there Chad tells Marshall to meet him on the path they usually walk but Marshall is too scared to go so he takes Tamaya with him and they try to take a short cut. When Chad finds them in the woods something goes wrong and Tamaya ends up with a tingly rash.

Tamaya is a fifth grade girl and calls herself a “Goodie Two Shoes” because she follows all rules and even likes the school uniform, she is very smart and thats why she is in Woodridge Academy. Her mother and father are divorced and she goes to her fathers house every weekend, Tamaya is a very calm and is always interested in learning.

Some connections I have to this book are Tamaya’s friends are very outgoing, aren’t scared to meet other people and are very social and I compare to that. Another connection I have is another book about weird science stuff.


Science Rotation Reflection

These two weeks our class has learned about Dissection, The Circulatory System, The Respiratory System, The Digestive System, The Muscular and Skeletal System and The Nervous System.

For Dissection class we dissected a pig heart and a set of pig lungs where Mr.Daw friend to blow into the lungs with a cardboard tube, sadly it didn’t work. We learned about the left atrium and the right atrium.

For the respiratory system we watched a quick brain pop video then we had to blow with one breath into this plastic tube and writing down how many “liters” of air is in the plastic tube.

For the circulatory system we learned that white blood cells fight of germs in groups, the platelets make that crusty scab so that no germs come back into your body.