Reading Journal: February 19, 2016

A new book I’m reading is called Treasure Fever! by Andy Griffiths

So what I’ve been reading is that there is a school called Northwest Southeast Central School and in this school there is a class called 5c, then there is this group of friends in this class but the point of view in this book is from Henry, one boy from this group of friends. So, Henry was sent to the principals office because it had looked like he had jumped onto Fred Durkins (The school bully), Fred Durkinds and his little brother Clive who is in Henrys class stole a lollipop from Henry, Ok lets get back to the part when Henry was going to Principle GreenBeard’s office. Mr. GreenBeard was a very fascinating man with the dream of making his school a pirate ship (it came true). After a few moments of Henry listening his principle talk about respect and honor he was talking about a lost treasure… And it was Henry’s job to find it in his very school grounds.

Henry is a very attention paying boy, he is happy to do anything and is very quick thinking. I think that he likes Jenny a girl in their group of friends but I don’t know yet.

A connection I have is that when I was small I loved ships and water so when i was 5 I got a big lego pirates play set.

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