Reading Journal: April 15, 2016

The book I’m reading right now is called “Spy School by Stuart Gibbs.

Spy School is about a boy named Benjamin Ripley who gets accepted into a school for spies, when Ben was very young he loved James Bond and even just the idea of being a spy wowed his mind. When a strange man was sitting in Ben’s living room the next morning the man turned out to be Alexander Hale, a top spy and graduate from the CIA’s Academy of Espionage and invited Benjamin to the academy. Of course Ben said yes straight away but right when he arrived at “Spy School” as every other student calls it the school had been taken over by a group of enemies. It turned out this was all a test for Ben and he definitely failed.

A connection I have is that when I was 5 I would always draw gadgets and watch spy cartoons just like Ben.

Alexander Hale is a very skilled man in martial arts and gun handling. He is a very understanding and cool person, he looks handsome and basically always wears a suit with a gun sticked into his pocket and a bowtie

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