Smoking Impact Unit Reflection

Our impact project was trying to stop people from smoking or at least try, in the end we didn’t affect people smoking but the people around them since we picked up cigarettes on the street and presented to other classes which informed them on the harms of smoking and what it does to your body. We also presented them with an important video which explained the life of a man who died of smoking and lung cancer. I think the best part of our presentation was the video since it touched my heart it probably touched others hearts since he had a family and everything.

I think our impact project went pretty well so to say since we had a lot of children and teachers/parents come on our presentation day to our trifold and watched our video.

A challenge we had was that we didn’t plan that well which concluded in improvising to our presentation and our project which also shrunk our time frame so we didn’t have much time to do more than we really did. The so to say easiest part and most fun part was when we actually did our actions and picked up cigarettes and presented to classes because we knew we had made a difference. Even though we didn’t complete our first idea of our project I think that since all of our group members are still staying at ISB for the next years we could continue our project and even spread it around to other people who are passionate.

One of my favorite parts was presenting since we also got to see other peoples presentation which was fascinating and was pretty cool.



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