Setting in Exposition of The Power



I analyzed the setting in The Power by Naomi Alderman. In The Power, setting is a very important part of the story and plot. Since this is a type of story that has different perspectives in every chapter, there are numerous settings that really bring forth the theme and conflicts of “the power” that is electricity.

The Power is a book about how young women start to develop a sense of power, this being having the power to generate electricity.


The first sign of the power is when one of the protagonists Roxy and her mother is being assaulted by grown men in their home, “Roxy feels it start to build in her then, though she doesn’t know what it is. It’s just a feeling at her fingers’ ends, a prickle in her thumbs” (pg 8). This scene is set in a below average home in America. I feel this is the perfect way to start the story off; since it is placed in America which is a country all about freedom independence, yet women get separated and split only because they cannot control this power.


On the other hand, Riyadh is one of the settings that is the exact opposite. This is where thousands of women stood up for what they believed in and had the power to do so. They exploded cars and electrified anyone that came in their way. “ She squeezes his hand more tightly. He can feel the crackle of power across her shoulders, like the feeling in the air before a storm” (pg 63). This gives us the feeling of power and strength that the women feel here at this moment. Since Riyadh is a country that does not give women a lot of rights, I feel this is an amazing moment to seize the opportunity to show off “ The Power” and how, in this book, it can change things that quick.


The whole exposure of this book gives off a feeling of edginess. Throughout the beginning, all that has happened is that the power has started to spread all around the world. Girls getting more aggressive and more powerful day by day, in this modern age, this is something that is portrayed terrifically throughout the setting. The power seems like it is just the tip of the ice berg, and it will only become more and more intense from here.

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