For One Day, I decided to do Jian Bing. I chose this particular topic because I felt that, living in China.

My groups’ inspiration for this project is a youtube video called Travel Thirsty, this channel mostly shows people how to make particular types of food, and it is an excellent way to teach people how to prepare food.

Here is an example:

During the span of this project, we learned how to make Jian Bing. Our teacher was a lovely lady named Wei; she has been making Jian Bing since 1996!

Mrs.Wei was an amazing JianBing Chef, probably better than the one shown in the video! Although I failed to make a Jian Bing 🙁 I feel I learned so much about the people and the food during this project though. I also learned a lot about film and different camera angles as well as lighting techniques. One Day, in general, is one of the things I look forward to in a year, the fact that we as students can pick anything we want to do in a day that interests us is fantastic. It is also great because we got to learn to collaborate on things that are happening in our home country China!

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