Les revues révolutionnaires de Charles Aguillon – The Revolutionary Journals of Charles Aguillon

These journals,  written from 1789 to 1793, are an account of the French Revolution through the eyes of an astronomer called Charles Aguillon. It shows his child Phillip growing up during the revolution and their experiences in it, including the Tennis Court Oath (where a new constitution for France was created), Storming of the Bastille (where French Revolutionists invade the Bastille) and the execution of the two monarchs King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. The Terror – a period where the Committee of Public Safety slaughtered anyone who defied the revolution –  was led by Maximilien Robespierre a Revolutionist as well as a politician and lawyer. These journals show the different perspectives on the Revolution, the ignorant astronomer, the crowds of angry people, or the crying queen getting ready to be beheaded.

La Révolution française en anglais clair – The French Revolution in plain English!

This project was made by Paris Chang and I.  This video should portray the hardships that happened in the Revolution and inform the watcher about the main occurrences in the French Revolution like the Constitution that were created and the violent Reign of Terror. This should all give a basic impression of what happened in the French Revolution In this assignment, we were assessed on Collaboration, Fluent Speaking and Communicating Historical ideas.

Deniz and Maxim’s Robot Alligator!

In Design this year, we were challenged to create a petting zoo..full of robots. During this project, I learned loads of different skills like coding, working with cardboard and hot glue, and design. I feel that this is good for future Design classes because I will have learned these skills already and can use them in my future work. My biggest obstacle during this process was mainly that some of our hardware malfunctioned. At the beginning of this project, we had planned to make the tail move, but since our sensor motor did not work after numerous tries, we decided to have our robot make a sound. One thing I would like to change if we had more time is to try the motors again and figure out how to make the tail move. If I had to do this project again, one thing I would do differently is to plan more ahead of time so that we could have used time more efficiently. Which leads me to one piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project would be to plan more efficiently and make sure you do not get caught up in the details and make sure the general robot is finished. Overall, I think this product was successful because going in, I did not expect how this would look or act, so it is a pleasant surprise to see first graders running around and repeatedly putting their hands in a cardboard alligator so that it would make a scary sound.

The Red Necklace Theme

The Red Necklace is a fictional novel about the French Revolution written by Sally Garden. This book has a few important characters, but Sido (a young teen girl being oppressed by her father) and Yann (a telepathic young teen boy that is on the run). Yann is a circus performer that is brought up by a dwarf called Tito, Tito and Yann get into trouble during a circus act performing for Sido’s father. This is where he meets Sido, the girl of his “dreams”. Tito is murdered and Yann is on the run and ends up in London, meanwhile Sido is treated more like a servant and less like a daughter by her oppressive rich Second Estate father. Years after their first meeting, Sido is put into prison by the revolutionaries in France that hated the people of nobility. Yann comes back to save her and events occur that causes Sido and Yann to split at the end of the book, creating a great cliffhanger for the second book!

I think the theme in The Red Necklace is that love is a chain that holds back people from their destiny. When Tito dies, instead of moving on, Yann hangs on to his death for very long, being incredibly stubborn and not wanting to get a new life in London. He also holds on to his love for Sido for so long, that it holds him back from improving his life and moving on from her. “He stroked Sido’s cheek and bent down to kiss her, whispering what his heart had always known, what he had never said before to anyone. ‘I love you, I always will.” This shows how his love for her will forever keep him from having the life he dreamed of because Sido will always be somewhere where there is trouble. This theme also includes Sido’s love for her father, who does not love her in the slightest and calls her “an imperfect thing in his perfect world”. Showing how she should try to move on from her oppressing father and let go of him.