Polymer Journal #2

For the polymer project, my group has invested our time into creating the perfect cleaning polymer. Anyone can use this cleaning product! As long as you have a computer. This polymer will solve all of your dirty keyboard issues, especially the grime and dirt underneath. The unique mixture is made up of a borax solution and white glue. Often when these two substances have combined the properties of the substances change. A
physical or chemical reaction is taking place when this happens. White craft glue is a type of polymer called polyvinyl acetate. When the borax solution is added to the glue, the molecules of the borax bind up the glue “strands” so that the glue no longer flows freely. The properties of this new substance are unlike the original glue or borax solution. The “goop” behaves unusually; it has some characteristics of a liquid and some characteristics of a solid. This substance creates the perfect solution to our dirty keyboard problems, by seeping between the keys and removing the gunk, your keyboard will be clean! This product would go to the most important client that anyone could sell too…The public! Everyone would be able to use this polymer to clean their keyboard and any other hard-to-get-to places. The slime is also straightforward and will not seep into your computer as it is a mixture of solids and liquids.


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  1. So far from your description I’m not putting that on my computer.
    I do like the first visual. I can tell you did some research about the “molecules” with borax-good.
    Make sure to keep track of your procedures and ingredients.

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