CleanyKeys Polymer Journal #3

For my companies cleaning product, it should not be too slimy or too hard. This is because the properties that the polymer has a significant impact on its use. If the polymer is too slimy, it might seep into your computer! And nobody wants that. If the polymer is too hard, it will not be sticky enough to collect all the bits and grime that lurk under your keys! A physical property it should have is the smell, to make the polymer smell pleasant for our customers and make sure their keys are squeaky clean and smell good. Another physical property it should have is the stickiness, we do not want our slime sticking to your computer and your hands! The plan my company has to develop prototypes is to create, review, revise, edit, and create! We will do this continuously until we find the perfect solution for your keyboard needs. The way we test these numerous prototypes is to use it on a keyboard, make sure it is used enough that it has dirt in every corner and slit, and then clean it all right up! As a standard, we use a newly bought keyboard and then compared it to the clean one to see which one is cleaner.

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