CleanyKeys Polymer Journal #4!


Throughout our design process and experimentation, we have learned a lot. From the four trials, three of them resulted in failure. In our first trial, we added PVA and borax, which resulted in a not very stretchy slime, we need the slime to be stretchy to adapt to the different keyboards as well as giving the user some flexibility on where they want to clean. In the second trial, we tried to fix this problem by including less borax and more PVA, which made it more stretchy but changed made it runnier and stickier. Although this ended up as a failure, the slime gave us some insight on what the ingredients can bring to the polymer and helped us realize our errors so that we could review, revise, and create again! Our third experiment was more successful. We added 13 milliliters of liquid starch, 10 milliliters of borax, and 70 milliliters of PVA. This trial helped immensely with the stretchiness of the slime as well as making it more solid. However, this trial was still not good enough for our high standards. The slime was still not as stretchy as we wanted and it was runny because of the overdose of PVA. Our fourth trial was incredibly successful; this was the one experiment that hit all our standards. This was because we took out the borax entirely and replaced it with just liquid starch. Having 20 milliliters of PVA and 47 milliliters of liquid starch, this experiment had the right amount of stretchiness, the right amount of liquid to solid ratio, and when we safely tested it on a keyboard, it cleaned! Now, all we have to do is make it smell pleasant for our customers and make it a nice blue color!


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