Prep Socratic Seminar Reflection Absolutely True Diary Chapters 1-11

In today’s English class, a practice Socratic Seminar was held to prepare our class for November 19th. Our group discussed various things, including racial discrimination, social expectation, and so forth. I feel that something I did well was creating questions and answering with intricate answers, an example of a question our group created was:

Junior’s complicated friendship with Rowdy is one of the primary sources of conflict at the beginning of this novel. What are some ways in which this conflict shows itself? Why, despite the ways that Rowdy has mistreated Junior, is Junior so adamant about keeping their friendship after he transfers to Reardan?

I feel that this question is open-ended and allows for multiple interpretations; this is why it is a ‘good’ question. An interpretation I had to this question was that Rowdy is the only source of hope for Junior at this period of the novel. This source of hope comes from the degree of negligence in the rez, so when Rowdy hangs out with Junior, it is like a blessing; which is why Junior depends on their relationship so strongly.

Something I want to improve on is looking at specific parts of the text to back up the claims I make, for example, page numbers, specific images, and so forth. This will also give my argument more authenticity as it is harder to argue against what the author writes in the text than to argue against someone’s opinion alone.

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