Reflection on Analyzing Visual Texts

Throughout these past weeks, we had been given the task of doing presentations on first propaganda posters and then-recent editorial/political cartoons. The first presentation I made was on a propaganda poster made in Germany during World War II. I feel that I did not present too well on this, I stuttered and looked down as if I were reading a script, which did not look good and did not engage the audience. Therefore, I tried to improve on my presenting skills for the next presentation of editorial cartoons; I did this by practising many times before recording and watching a variety of presentations made by students at Yale University in order to pick up speech techniques. For my final presentation, I felt very confident in my skills and knowledge on the topic. I found my presentation on one of Steve Sack’s cartoons to be very good in terms of how I spoke, hand gestures, and general A.R.E.D.F.O.R.E.S.T. speaking. I also feel that my PPT was very organized and visually appealing, I worked very hard on using as little words as possible and making the PPT very visual, so I am proud of it. Finally, I feel that I learned a lot about analyzing visual texts through the use of layout, composition, symbols, facial expressions, body language, caricaturing, exaggeration, captions, speech bubbles, and irony. These are all things that are usually included in editorial cartoons and therefore, can be analyzed by me in my presentation!

Example of a cartoon by Steve Sack that I analyzed

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