My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule

During this year, various events have occurred that might make a Historian, Economist, Political Scientist, and Geographer think about what happened in 2020?

(Credit: Getty Images)

This first article is something that Historians and Geographers might look at as it is quite ironic. It speaks about how future archaeologists will study us in the 21st century and therefore also explains what there is to study, for example, architecture, history, digital culture, and so on.

A person walks in front of the Department of the Treasury

This article by the New Yorker might interest historians, economists, and political scientists in the future as it clearly explains how the COVID – 19 outbreak has impacted the world’s economy and politics. It gives the peoples view of American politicians and how they have also impacted the daily lives of citizens.

This article speaks about how the BLM movement has changed modern US politics. It would be a very interesting source for Political Scientists because it is proof that most times politics is not meant for citizens but rather for power. It shows how if the world comes together, they can influence oppressive politics.

Aftermath of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina

This article might interest Geographers and Historians as it speaks about how climate change is impacted by the COVID-19 virus and how the earth is changing because of it.

This final article speaks about how the coronavirus has impacted international politics and the world. It would interest future Historians and Political Scientists as it holds the peoples view in the 21st century and gives an insight into the situation.