Intro to Costume Design – September 22nd

Factors of Costume Design:

  1. Age

2. Gender

3. Social Status

4. Occupation

5. Geographic Location

6. Occasion or Activity

7. Time of Day

8. Season – weather

9. Historical Period

10. Psychological Factors/Personality/Emotion

Costume Design Vocab:

  • Costume Rendering: a sketch of a costume
  • Swatch: a fabric sample
  • Building: making a costume
  • Costume Parade: a procession where actors wear their costumes under the lights to ensure the compatibility of the colors.
  • Costume Plot: an outline that describes the colors, fabrics, and accessories for each costume design; kept by wardrobe manager
  • Wardrobe Manager: the person responsible for creating costume plot and caring for costumes during rehearsals and performances.
  • Dressers: assistants who help with costume changes and help care for costumes
  • Quick Change: switching costumes quickly during a performance.


First Sketches:



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