Reflecting on Discarded Items

Most people like photographing the new and the fresh – a bright flower, a laughing child, a dawning day, the beginning of an era. Yet beginnings are but a small and rare part of the human experience. The persistent passage of time leaves us with ever-growing piles of both literal and figurative garbage; that is why we seek out the new, for a glimpse of something different. That is why I believe that the subject “Discarded Items” is one of the most interesting photographic projects.


Many things can be counted as “discarded”. For example plastic items, which can be used to find different reflective lighting and coloring. Other examples include organic materials such as food, discarded plants, etc. Which can all be used to contrast texture between the food and its background, such as the photo above.

Overall, the message that Discarded Items or Sculptures is supposed to show is that there is beauty in the things that we find “wasteful”. The way we portray this message though, can vary between the forms of Discarded Items we have, as said above. It also makes people aware of the things around them, and the trash that could be picked up and thrown away instead of left there to be documented by another up and coming photographer.


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