Discarded Items Set 1 & 2 Contact Sheet Analyzation


For these two Discarded Items/Sculptures sets, I tried to use two different aspects of photography to capture an audience’s attention, one being color contrast and the other being sharpness and shape. Although both exist in the two sets, the prominent one that portrays color contrast is Set 1, which embodies a stand-out ish idealogy between trash and the dirt it is buried in. For these two sets, I had found a pile of burned cans in Lijiang, China, and tried finding different ways to photograph this pile. For example, photos labeled DJI were taken with a DJI Mini 2 drone around 4-6 meters above the pile. For these photos, I wanted to show the scale of the location, specifically how much trash was used in this area. To diversify the photo’s color palette, I made sure to look at what colors were in what images for contact sheet 1, drawing out the different colors next to the photos I liked most. This allowed me to look at what colors I want to saturate at a higher level, such as yellows, greens, reds, and blues ( primary colors).

As I wanted to use this set of photos more dynamically, I used different editing techniques to create a second set that is edited in Black and White. So, for example, I increased the sharpness of the collection, as well as increased light contrast to allow the “Discarded Items” to stand out from their dark dirt background. I made them black and white as I found that the message of the set would change. Transforming from photos that clearly show what is trash and what is not – to images that are hard to distinguish and show what waste might actually look like to one who is used to seeing it on the street; The first exemplifying our failure to recycle and make sure that the resources we use are not wasted, and the second showing how the trash has already blended into our surroundings, becoming the norm for many people who see it posted on social media 24/7.

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