Pre-Singing Deer Lodge Camp Reflection

I think the most fun thing at cap for me is hiking and investigating the lake where there can be all sorts of creatures

The reason I’m going to camp is because its a really good idea taking students away from SO MUCH technology and letting them expierience the country side and make them go on hikes and exploring the area. We also get experiences that we could NEVER get in Beijing.

Who was Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was an amazing man. He was born in 1304 from Morocco, He started his journey at the age of 21 on the date of 1325 to get to Mecca which took him 14 months. After a while in Mecca he started to explore the edge of Arabia and other lands near it, he traveled in all different ways in that time. From boats that move with the wind to walking and riding camels in the sahara desert, He had met 60 emperors/kings where (because of his family being judges for a long time) became the ambassador of China where he represented India.
He has traveled to Egypt, Persia, The Black Sea, India, Istanbul, Black Nile, China and lots of other different places in that area of the world. He had made a book called “The Rihla” about his travels which is now is many different languages. At the end he was very homesick and traveled back to Morocco where he thought he would find his mother and father. But no luck, his mother had died from the Black Plague and his father had died too.


Math Reflection Unit #1

A strategy i used to play FACTOR CAPTOR ( a new math game we are playing ) is that I make sure I get all the number out to make 60 then put down my counter on 60! Another strategy I have is to chose a number that CAN’T be multiplied.

Making an array is much easier for me because I can count the sides and top to figure out what the factors are.

This unit I have learned a lot, one of these things are how to find out if somethings is divisible by 2,3,4,5 and 6.

ENCOUNTER by Jane Yolen

This week we have been reading and talking about a book called ENCOUNTER.

This story is about a young native boy who had a dream, the dream was about giant birds in the water coming for the island he lives in. The next day 2 ships arrived at their island and people started coming out.Explorers. He warned his people that he had a dream about these big canoes but they didn’t listen, they welcomed the explorers to a feast and showed them what they do there because it was a tradition, but when the explorers started staring at their gold nose rings and bracelets. He and a few others from his tribe went with them on their boat and when they had just reached the point where he couldn’t see land anymore he jumped of because he changed his mind. He swam to the nearest island and started warning the people there to not welcome them , but they didn’t listen because he was a little child. At the end he is sitting on a tree log staring off to sea with a cute behind him.

It was very important for the boy to tell the others because he had a dream about it and was very scared, another reason is that he saw what the others didn’t see.Greed.

The lives of the locals changed because Christopher Columbus keep coming back and started to show them things they didn’t know and started building there and then it was over. The local people couldn’t get their lives back so they just helped Christopher Columbus make America.

I think it was a good thing for the Spanish because they got more money because of America, but for the natives it was good for the people who started to get bored of hunting and that stuff but for others they wanted to keep their culture but couldn’t do anything.