My thoughts on Aaron Huey’s TEDtalk and its relationship to the ‘Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian’.


I learned a lot from Aaron Huey’s TEDtalk on “America’s prisoners of war” . ( From human rights to cultural identity, I felt very intrigued by Aaron Heuys arguments about how America has been waging a silent war against their Native people. When thinking over what Aaron Huey had said about living with the Native Americans from time to time, it seemed to me like he acted as if he were the only one who has ever done this. A question I have is why have not more people talked about this topic? I have never really heard about the Lakota people and their struggles, so why is it that I am learning from this now?

Concerning Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I think that the TEDtalk helped me realize how the theme of poverty and privilege relates to real-life events. When Junior says that he comes from poor people who come from poor people who come from poor people, I now understand why that is, and how it affects Junior and his peoples future.

I think that this video also gives a considerable amount of context for Alexie’s portrayal of the fictional Wellpinit Reservation and Junior’s life. Especially when it comes to the stereotypes of Native Americans and why the white people around Junior are (at first) scared of him because he is Indian. As a reader who did not know about the real hardships of Native Americans in modern society before watching the TEDtalk, I see now how real the concepts in this book are, and how each character represents a type of person in Rez. Life.

The author, Sherman Alexie, chose to write Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian as a young adult novel instead of something aimed at an adult audience. As the novel is supposed to be a diary of a hormonal teenage boy, I feel that she wrote it in this style to represent Junior. The diary itself should feel real, and Alexie does this by putting in pictures that Junior draws to explain his point further, this is one of the reasons why this book might be classified as “young-adult”. Another reason might be because of the language and descriptions used in the diary is because Junior is at the age where he starts doing all these hormonal and teenage things, like swearing and using silly descriptions of people, for example comparing his angry geology teacher to a volcano on page 85. 



The process that we went through to create this movie was primarily made up of planning, filming, and editing. Firstly, we generated ideas and a storyboard to plan our film. Then we started filming all the shots you see in the movie. Finally, we edited and put together our final piece for the audience to view. All in all, I feel this movie turned out good and the way we wanted it to. We learned a lot about the topic as well as learning about the filming process and how to plan it.

CleanyKeys Polymer Journal #5

When going through our multiple trials, our final one was the most successful. When testing the final CleanyKeys prototype, it cleaned smudges as well as sticking to all grime and dirt, making the keyboard spotless. This trial was also the one that had the right balance of ingredients, for example, 50 millilitres of PVA and 105 millilitres of liquid starch. The reason why this polymer ended up being the most successful one to clean keyboards, is because of its consistency, the balance of liquid starch and glue made it less slimy and wet and more solid and dry. This polymer is a synthetic polymer, meaning that it was chemically altered to fit our needs; we mixed the ingredients to create a new and better substance.

I feel our design process was very similar to the ISB design process. Firstly, we planned and developed ideas on what our expectations for the polymer were. After that, we created multiple test slimes to see which characteristics we would want for this cleaning product. Finally, we defined the polymer as CleanyKeys and asked for feedback from our fellow students. The pitch that we gave to the Dream On team went well; we introduced CleanyKeys and its strengths as well as providing a live presentation of how our polymer works and test it.
Sustainability is one of the main things we were looking to have as a significant part of our polymer. Since it is mostly based on liquid starch, it is almost biodegradable, and with a little more time, we could make this cleaning product safe to throw in your garden. CleanyKeys is also reusable, meaning our clients can easily clean it with water and make sure it is ready for re-use.

CleanyKeys Polymer Journal #4!


Throughout our design process and experimentation, we have learned a lot. From the four trials, three of them resulted in failure. In our first trial, we added PVA and borax, which resulted in a not very stretchy slime, we need the slime to be stretchy to adapt to the different keyboards as well as giving the user some flexibility on where they want to clean. In the second trial, we tried to fix this problem by including less borax and more PVA, which made it more stretchy but changed made it runnier and stickier. Although this ended up as a failure, the slime gave us some insight on what the ingredients can bring to the polymer and helped us realize our errors so that we could review, revise, and create again! Our third experiment was more successful. We added 13 milliliters of liquid starch, 10 milliliters of borax, and 70 milliliters of PVA. This trial helped immensely with the stretchiness of the slime as well as making it more solid. However, this trial was still not good enough for our high standards. The slime was still not as stretchy as we wanted and it was runny because of the overdose of PVA. Our fourth trial was incredibly successful; this was the one experiment that hit all our standards. This was because we took out the borax entirely and replaced it with just liquid starch. Having 20 milliliters of PVA and 47 milliliters of liquid starch, this experiment had the right amount of stretchiness, the right amount of liquid to solid ratio, and when we safely tested it on a keyboard, it cleaned! Now, all we have to do is make it smell pleasant for our customers and make it a nice blue color!