“The Monkey’s Paw” Explanation

This found poem was created with clips of the words of William W Jacobs. In the short story, “The Monkey’s Paw”, I decided to describe the conflict. I feel conflict is the main point in this whole story, without conflict, the story would not exist. From Mr. White having inner conflict on what to do with the paw, to Herbert passing away in violent ways, to Mrs. White turning on her husband in crazy ways and wishing for unreasonable things. For example when it says, “Bring him back” twice, and how I flipped the word “Unnatural”, giving the impression that Mrs. White is in a confused or hallucinogenic state. Another example of this is when it says “ Sinister meaning confirming her worst fears” meaning that her only importance in her life was her family and losing her son was just the worst thing that could have ever happened to her. My poem is more about Man vs Self than anything else. This is because all the clips in my poem reflect more on inner conflict and how Mrs. White does not want to accept that her son has passed and how she will do anything to get him back.

I feel one of the most important parts of my poem is probably the background image, graphics, and the word sizes and changes. The background I chose was a drawing of a crazy old lady that I found perfect for this topic, the full white eyes represent how empty Mrs. White feels inside without her son and her ragged clothes representing how she has given up and will do anything to get her son back.

The all-round black and white in the piece represents the old style of the story and the old times that it is set in, it also shows the grim plot of the story. I chose this because I really wanted to portray all these factors.

In my poem I used a variety shapes and sizes with my words to really prove my point. An example of this would be when I chose to write “Bring him back” twice and bigger each time, which represented how desperate Mrs. White was to have her son back and how she would do anything and go through anyone to do it; or when I chose to flip the word “unnatural” to induce mystery, hook and make the reader look twice at the word to understand it.

The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer


coverThis series is probably my favorite series of any type since I love Fantasy and the types of books that put old stories or just regular stories into modern times. So basically this story is based on our regular bed time stories for example ‘Red Riding Hood’ or ‘Rapunzel’. This series is about how these regular stories are actually alive in a different dimension of sorts. These characters are all in this ‘Land of stories‘ which us normal people cannot enter. The only reason why this story exists is because of these two children who were born half human half fairy. All ages can probably read this book since it is very funny at times and is very interesting since we only know the sweet hearted stories and don’t know how these people really look like or behave. For example in this book Jack from Jack and the beanstalk falls in love with Goldilocks who is actually an outcast for crimes she has done against this lands “Fairy” so called government. As a conclusion this book is very fun to read and I would recommend this to everyone I know.

Smoking Impact Unit Reflection

Our impact project was trying to stop people from smoking or at least try, in the end we didn’t affect people smoking but the people around them since we picked up cigarettes on the street and presented to other classes which informed them on the harms of smoking and what it does to your body. We also presented them with an important video which explained the life of a man who died of smoking and lung cancer. I think the best part of our presentation was the video since it touched my heart it probably touched others hearts since he had a family and everything.

I think our impact project went pretty well so to say since we had a lot of children and teachers/parents come on our presentation day to our trifold and watched our video.

A challenge we had was that we didn’t plan that well which concluded in improvising to our presentation and our project which also shrunk our time frame so we didn’t have much time to do more than we really did. The so to say easiest part and most fun part was when we actually did our actions and picked up cigarettes and presented to classes because we knew we had made a difference. Even though we didn’t complete our first idea of our project I think that since all of our group members are still staying at ISB for the next years we could continue our project and even spread it around to other people who are passionate.

One of my favorite parts was presenting since we also got to see other peoples presentation which was fascinating and was pretty cool.



Reading Journal: April 22, 2016

The book I have been reading and have finished is called Spy School by Stuart Gibbs.

In the end Murray who was the man characters friend turned out not to be his friend and was a double agent working for terrorists, as for Alexander Hale, he turned out to be a total snob and can’t even fight well, he makes other people do his job for him and he’s only very respected because he has people up there.

A connection that I have is I have read another book about spies and things related to that, but I like this book more because it relates to us children and our problems at school but in a cool way.

I think Stuart Gibbs chose Murray’s personality because Murray has a very hung back personality and I think thats actually a really good type of cloaking your inner self to the outer world