Reading Journal: April 15, 2016

The book I’m reading right now is called “Spy School by Stuart Gibbs.

Spy School is about a boy named Benjamin Ripley who gets accepted into a school for spies, when Ben was very young he loved James Bond and even just the idea of being a spy wowed his mind. When a strange man was sitting in Ben’s living room the next morning the man turned out to be Alexander Hale, a top spy and graduate from the CIA’s Academy of Espionage and invited Benjamin to the academy. Of course Ben said yes straight away but right when he arrived at “Spy School” as every other student calls it the school had been taken over by a group of enemies. It turned out this was all a test for Ben and he definitely failed.

A connection I have is that when I was 5 I would always draw gadgets and watch spy cartoons just like Ben.

Alexander Hale is a very skilled man in martial arts and gun handling. He is a very understanding and cool person, he looks handsome and basically always wears a suit with a gun sticked into his pocket and a bowtie

SLC Reflection

My favorite part about the SLC’s was designing the Piktocharts because we were allowed to design and color our own E-Posters, it was fun because we could choose our own designs to put inside words and backgrounds.

My least favorite thing about the SLC’s was putting everything together, it was hard because I couldn’t choose and sometimes couldn’t find things for each category. Another least favorite is when I had to bundle it all up and it was pretty messy so I had to sort it all out.

A goal I would work on for the next 2 months of the school year is trying to challenge myself more in all different kinds of subjects.

Human Body Unit Reflection

My favorite thing about the human body unit was the presentation in the end because it was fun planning it and researching about the skeletal system, another favorite was watching and doing other peoples projects to learn more about what they were researching about.

Some parts of my project were really good and some were kind of bad, a good one is that I had it all planned out and was prepared for it. A bad thing was my speech because I got a little nervous and didn’t talk as well as I had planned.

My least favorite was one of the body stations because the teacher didn’t really make it exiting and fun like the others the teacher just showed us loads of videos.

Reading Journal: March 11, 2016

Benji is a fifth grade boy that has a fainting issue and thats why he has a dog called Ripley who is his personal health assistant for when he faints and falls on the floor. Before Ripley, Benji hadĀ Elvis who was supposed to be the presidents dog who he would turn out to be but Elvis and Benji had a great history together so when Elvis sends Benji a secret coded message Benji quickly finds out a way to get to DC to see whats up with Elvis.

Elvis has a know it all attitude dog who can only talk to Benji. He is a Newfoundland dog with black fur and a very smart brain who was trained to be the presidents dog so he can read, write, speak 3 languages and body guard.

A connection to this is a have a dog too and my dog always thinks she’s the boss just like Elvis.