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Johari Window

Johari Window is a very famous test that requires the user to pick 5 or 6 things about themself from a list of adjectives then sending the same list of adjectives to there close friends and family in other words people who know you well. In doing this you can see what you may not know about yourself and what others may not know about you. When I filled out the survey I chose that I was bold, cheerful, confident, energetic, extroverted and complex. I sent the test too 8 of my friends and the results weren’t too surprising.

My friends were able to identify all but one of my traits. I put that I thought I was complex I chose this after I clicked to many traits often that contradict each other. The complexity that I think of myself having I also associated with being annoying which is one personality trait other often notice in me. The fact that my friends didn’t chose this shows that they accept me for who I am and don’t judge me. 75 percent of my friends think of me as cheerful this is something that I pride myself on. When looking at what my friends chose for me it they didn’t chose any academic traits which I don’t at all find surprising. The traits show that my friends think that I am more right brain dominant and that they think i’m a good friend. When reviewing this it is important to note that you can only pick 5 chartherics so its not that my friends don’t think of me as able, adaptable, brave, clever, dependable, idealistic, independent, ingenious, intelligent, knowledgeable, logical, modest, observant, patient, powerful, reflective, relaxed, responsive, searching, sensible, sentimental, shy, silly, spontaneous, sympathetic, tense or witty. The reason they picked what they picked was due to bias of what they valued in a person that I had as well as what traits I chose to show when I was around them. When looking at what my friends said about me even if they used a different name or chose to stay anonymous I knew who said what.

For example when I hang out with one friend they see my religious side more than most people do I also know who said organized because when it comes to school I often am organized but when it comes to clubs which I do with this person I am extremely organized. Overall I think this was an interesting test that proved some of my belief and gave me food for thought.

Monologs 7 questions

Who am I? The main charter Libby is more or less abandoned by her father at a young age so when she is 19 she comes to LA to meet her father and become a actress.

Where am I? Libby appears to be in a private place in LA although libby is from New York.

When is it? I believe that this is taking place in more or less modern times.

What do I want? Libby wants more then anything to be loved and cared about she wants to make her father proud cause she thinks that if she succeeds maybe he will finally love her.

Why do I want it? Libbys father abandoned her and her grandmother who raised her has passed away she needs someone.

How do I get what I want? At first Libby puts on a confident mask but it is only when she takes that mask off and says how she really feels that she can’t get her point across.

What must I overcome to get what I want? she has to get a man she barely knows to love her and to be proud of her.

Why Acting Is so Much More Than It Appears to Be

This article is basically saying that people often underestimate how hard it actually is to be a actor/actress. Being a actor/actress is not just reciting lines it is the little thing that the audience doesn’t notice but gets influenced by. The reason why it looks so easy to be a actor/actress is that truly talented actors/actress make it look easy and natural when in fact it takes years of training to look so natural. The article is taking the phrase anyone can act and although not disproving it saying that it takes time and effort.

I used to think that I could be a better actress if I was able to memorize my lines faster but now I realize that acting is so much more then that just memorizing with a little bit of emotion thrown in. I now realize that it is so much more than that. Acting takes life times to perfect it is a never ending process.

Rules of Improve

  1. Say yes
  2. Say yes and
  3. Make statements- don’t ask questions
  4. Go with the flow of the scene
  5. There are no mistakes only opportunities
  6. It doesn’t have to be funny

Earliest theatrical memory

My real first memory of theater is my mom singing sunrise sunset to me ever-night from before I can even remember although that is a beautiful story it is boring so here is my first memory on stage.


When I was about four years old I saw singing in the rain (the movie) and I feel in love with the tap numbers so I begged my parents to let me take class they thought I was a bit to young and so when I turned five they signed me up for classes or tried to sign me up instead of tap I was accidentally put in ballet class I didn’t hate ballet and it would cost extra to switch so I was forced to stay in it. In about a year I had a dance recital we where doing some Arabian music dance song and we had purple ribbons and silk like genie out fits mine of course didn’t fit me and the fact that it didn’t was only made worse by the fact that there promised dinner was actually just red velvet cupcakes. The dressing room was crowded I remember being so exited about putting on makeup and being so pretty like my mom but as soon as they put in the STAGE makeup I was infuriated because “she put it on wrong”. 2 numbers before we went on I remembered that I had forgotten my ribbons in the dressing room me and one of my friend rushed to the changing room but couldn’t find it after a minute of looking for it we realized we weren’t gonna find it so we rushed back but we where too late. They had started dancing me and my friend decided to spin walk into out spots on stage in a huge theater which thinking back we would have been better to just run in cause we looked weird and our teacher was mad. So in conclusion my frist memory on stage I came late my outfit didn’t fit and I felt like I was going to throw up. I learned that day that ballet is not for me and I haven’t done it since.

9 effective Ensemble Member Qualities

  1. Risk taker
  2. Postive and energetic
  3. Aware and in control
  4. Focused
  5. Active listeners
  6. Cooperative and collaborative
  7. Efficient
  8. Leaders and followers
  9. Positively critical and able to act on criticism

Which Ensemble qualities  do you want to work on?

I that I really need to work on listening I have always loved the sound of my own voice but I don’t always have the best things to say. I need to start only taking about the things that matter and less on ever random thought that pops into my head. I also need to improve my ability to focus. I get distracted very easily and therefore come off as not caring about what is happening around me. This often affects the people I’m working with when they may try to taking to me and I have been in my own world for the vast most of the conversation.

Design Project

When making these drawings I based guy off of frank because I believe that Celeste would have a type. I believe she would be into younger guys who would be very trendy so I gave him a leather jacket and converses and a checker board belt to match this fresh out of college trendiness’ I picture guy being around 25. When they talked they the audience is shown the similarity’s to frank we don’t know a lot about guy but we know frank likes Bon Jovi and karaoke so I gave him a bon Jovi shirt and a leather jacket matching modern day singers.

I gave Celeste a red dress that was meant to be proactive because she knew she was going to bump into frank and she wanted him to be jealous the dress is somewhat short and the “belt” and no sleeves in order to highlight her chest and hopefully catch the attention of frank. The backless dress also reveals a tattoo of franks name it is somewhat faded in order to show the many years they have been apart. Her hair will be the only thing that shows her true age of mid 30s its simple and straight and long with a side part. I have her in a cocktail dress because I imagen this as a very nice lunch


This process helped my sketching ability even if its still not that good its better then it was. I really enjoyed this process because it allowed me to be creative. I feel like I already knew alot about clothing design but it was fun to learn the difference in consumes sense you really have to connect with your charter.

Intro to Costume design

10 factors of costume design:

  1. Age
  • The clothing needs to match age

2. Gender

  • in old days gender roles where different

3.  Social status

  • if someone is rich or poor

4. occupation

  • Costume trys to show clearly where you work

5. Geographical location

  • should match the style of the place and the temputure


6. Occassion or activity

  • Wedding where a wedding dress

7.  Time of day


8.  Season – weather

  • if its cold or hot

9. Historical Period

  • Matching the time period

10. Psychological factors/Personality/Emotion

  • if you where a goth, jock, hippy, etc


I got inspiration from this because its confusing yet super scary and it has a story. I think it is very interesting and well done. I love how the person used more the what was given to us. I enjoyed the bloody hands on the bed it really made it go over the top.



Nightmare project

In stagecraft we were given the task of creating a nightmare world unique to our greatest fears. My design is confusing because I what I fear most is the unknown.

They’re our several things that our left to the audience such as the gold glue in the back there is no telling if its raining glitter or a giant dog is drooling down on you. The giant leaf and bush look harmless but because of the background of mold and dark colors make it seem as if something is hiding. The human who is hanging from the ceiling makes u think what did it. The black shadow  hiding behind the leaf shows that you our not alone.

I think I was successful in someway to make it confessing well not being too over the top. There our so many different aspects of it that it doesn’t fit together and you can tell somethings off but there’s not too much where it would feel crowded.

In the future I would have used a different molding material. I also wish I could have brought in small amount of paint because whenever I got paint I couldn’t get a small amount to use for a couple of brush strokes because it would be a waste so I ended up using certain colors that did not match such as orange for skin color.

Lastly I believe that this should me how when you make a full sized model u don’t need to pay so much attention to detail. I also learned that sometimes even if u have a plan on how you our going to do something it could turn out completely different.



in the photo above you can see a hanging man a leaf, a bush and the gold “rain”








in the photo above you can see a cat walk and sliver rocks









in this photo you can see the hanging man and the pumpkin head starting at you.

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