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Bookmark Design

Bookmark Design – Using design elements & principles

We created a bookmark that emphasizes certain design principles.

Design principles are composed of …

-Emphasis/Hierarchy: Sequentially emphasizing the importance of certain features to lead audiences to figure out the exact purpose of the design.

-Balance/Alignment: The intentioned arrangement of design components to make audiences to get precise information.

-Contrast: Design elements that have different moods or characteristics to stand out a particular feature.

-Pattern/Repetition: Repetition of design elements for emphasis and visual interest.

-Scale & Proportion: Contrast between sizes and proportions to have a specific impact.

-Movement/Direction: Creates dynamism by controlling design elements.

-Negative space: Intentional empty spaces to communicate a particular idea effectively.

-Cropping: Removing certain parts to create visual impacts.

I am assigned with ‘Movement/Direction,’ which manipulates design elements to create dynamism.


Q. What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

A. The role of elements and principles in graphic design emphasizes the purpose and certain mood by collaborating with different factors.

Q. What is this design task all about?

A. The design task was to show our understanding of how the elements and principles of design work collaboratively through making our own graphic designs, which is the form of a bookmark.

Q. Why did you make your bookmark to look this way?

A. I was focused on how to make my design seems to be the best way to describe dynamism during the project. I thought that line, one of the design elements, would make my design principle to be emphasized. Because of the property of the line, which is the easiest way to express fluidity made me use lines to illustrate the design principle ‘movement/direction.’ I thought that rotation of lines would display the dynamism of design well, so I rotated lines for two times. To make my design look three-dimensional feature, I used a gradient to make it more natural. Also,  I used a black background to make the movement/direction noticeable. I tried to use various tools in Adobe Illustrator. And, I learned how to use blend tool and gradient tool. (Blend tool, which is the most important tool to create all of the lines. Gradient tool, which makes gradience on lines. )


  1. Hi Melissa, Fist of all, I like how you used black as your background, because with a simple background everything added up on there would standout. I also like how you used lines to illustrate the design principle “movement/direction”, then in this bookmark there are two techniques. Overall, I think your bookmark looks amazing!

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I liked that you used two colors whether than just using one color becuase it made your design to be more stunning. Also, it was interesting that you focused on dynamism and using lines to express your assigned element, and I think you successfuly appeared your element in your design.

  3. Hi Melissa.
    I liked writing gradations of colors. The picture in the bookmark looks like a soft cloth, and it’s beautiful. It was also awe-inspiring that you expressed dynamic things about ‘Movement/Direction’ through the only line. I think your bookmarks have successfully expressed elements and principles.

  4. Hi Melissa, thank you for all of your excellent work : ) Your bookmark is my favourite in the class (don’t tell anyone haha : )

    I really like how clearly you have explained why line is such a good way to show movement, and the decisions you made. VERY WELL DONE!!

  5. Hello! Melissa!

    I really like how the black background of your bookmark fits the red-blue color of the line. Your application of dynamism makes your bookmark dynamic and fluid! Also, the fact that your line looks three dimensional adds the dynamism which is really cool. I wonder how you managed to draw that complicated lines on Adobe Illustrator.

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