First of all, I tried to make a prototype of the product. It was very simply designed as it has no color and is only made with Illustrator. The prototype was not the thing that I expected from the original plan. Then, I thought it was oversimplified as I tried to focus on simple rather than function. So, I decided to add color and some other factors to it.


I used my drawing tablet and a new drawing app, Medibang, the Japanese drawing app. I tried to apply blue, the symbolic color of ISB, and add the instructions such as several labels and ‘add sticker here’ to indicate where to put something.

I personally enjoyed drawing the ISB dragon in the way that I interpreted it with IPad. I learned how to use the Procreate App and Apple Pencil. I got the color code from the ISB dragon in Dragon’s Gate and applied it to make it more relevant to the ISB symbol. Later, I put several logos there, such as email addresses, the name of the school, and the abbreviation of the school name in the center. I asked my classmates and friends about the colors and logo, and they said that the original color that I used seems somewhat kindergarten-ish, which high school students might not feel attractive as it is too bright. So, I decided to use the color that I extracted from the ISB logo and apply it to the whole design.

Later, I created stickers and other versions of the study planner, which was especially for ISB students. I highly relied on my classmates and friends to get what would really work and what wouldn’t. I thought that the Club Day and Schedule for the ISB students were unique and different from other international schools, so I made a special design.

This is the final photo of my finished design. I tried to change my design’s color at the end of the project, but I was not able to, as my Photoshop does not work with the mockup PSD file. I emphasized the ISB logo, which I interpreted in a somewhat different and vivid way, which I tried to make students not be afraid of studying by planning.  I focused on the requirements that the participants of my survey wanted. This helped me start and improve my design as it was the foundation of what I preferred to make. We can infer from the design that it is intended to target the ISB students who need to plan for study. It would positively impact the others as it solely functions as a study planner and has nothing to disturb students from studying. For example, when we create a study planner as an app, although it would make them more convenient when they use laptops, it would make them disturbing as there are lots of things such as YouTube and Instagram to waste time on it. However, a study planner as a notebook does not have anything to interrupt the study, which would make them have effective studying. As it is aimed just for studying, it applies to the students, positively impacting their study.


Is your design successful, or does it still need further refinement?

It still needs further refinement as I don’t satisfy my design. It does not deliver the message what I tried to tell and does not fully appeal to the audience as it is not finished yet.

What went well in your process, and what did you enjoy?

I think creating the ISB LongLong logo went really well as I enjoyed making it. It was a useful experience to use IPad and Apple Pencil, and the Procreate app.

What didn’t go so well?

I felt it was hard to satisfy all of the students’ requirements. Also, as the study planner already has lots of designs on the internet, it was hard to make it unique and well function.

What would you do differently next time?

I would like to change the study planner’s shape or target the different audiences to make a difference in making the study planner.

 “I would like to make a study planner that entertains and encourages people to study by creating plans. If the design does not mass up the original purpose but fully encourages the targeted users, this might create a successful design.”

Based on the success criteria that I mentioned above, I thought that I couldn’t meet the criteria as it was not also appealing to me. My friends were also critical about my design, which shows that my product is not as successful as I expected. I think I did well in representing the product’s targeted audience by drawing a logo on it. The color scheme, however, was monotonous, which seems that the planner becomes even less desirable to buy. I would like to get rid of the audience and try even daring challenges to make big differences. I would further work on colors and investigating the functions and compositions needed.