Two friends, Dahun and Harry, enter a board game club and realize there are no teachers or students. Despite this fact, they still continue to search for a board game. Finally, they find a board game that they have never seen before and begin to play it. After Harry asks the boardgame some miscellaneous questions such as “when will I get a girlfriend.” The boardgame answers and Harry becomes shocked by this fact. Then he asks the boardgame if there are any ghosts in the room; the boardgame answers yes. Dahun becomes scared and runs away from the room. Suddenly, weird things begin to happen around Harry when he is alone in the room which causes him to run out of the room as well. During his runaway someone pats his shoulder, he realizes it is Dahun. When his shoulder is tapped again it turns out that it is the monster!!!!!!!!AhHHHhHHHh.