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SWOT Analysis & define and inquire

Design Briefs:


SWOT analysis for the three design ideas

  1. Art Media Poster

Strength: The idea is decent since the place does receive small intention for students, more like an unnecessary room for others, but actually contains many requirements for art and photographs. The advantage would be the supports from teachers and school because, from the setups and tools, the place did cost an enormous amount of money providing students the best needs for art. Supportments are plot-changing when designing something, more support means a better outcome.



Define and Inquire:

Evaluation & Selection:

The feedback I received did align with what feedback I expect to see. For Anime Logo, most of the feedback is about the expressing problem, which is understandable since the name for this club is really misleading. Our club was about design merch, animation, and such anime for people to enjoy and purchase, therefore donating money to charity. However, connecting to the name of our club, the anime culture club, the audience will be confused by its goal, and it’s also the biggest conflict I need to overcome in this project, defining a logo works the best. There isn’t much feedback I wasn’t expecting because they are all restrictions I considered before taking the risk.

For The Art Media poster, I received enough feedback for me to reconsider many factors for my project. Someone mentioned how I’m supposed to grab attention, this didn’t get me until I revised my plan, and a tour of the Art Media center, I decided to utilize pictures in my poster, different photograph, art designs, to notify readers within the content it has. People also asked about how to present the poster. I’m thinking of putting them on hallways, like advertisements, in front of the art media center, stairways and such. This feedbacks really letting consider specific factors, and it was really useful.




The Final Logo Design Blog

Assignment information: Logo Design assignment’s main idea is to develop a quality logo that fits your chosen client’s requirements.

Client: Vibe, a company, began recently trying to sell products for auxiliary devices (ex: headphones, earphones, mouse, keyboard)

Target Audiences: Gamer, Teenagers

Requirements: Simple and Stylish, easy to be put on products

Define and model:

When developing logos for an auxiliary device company, the essentials have to stay clean and simple for it to be printable on a device; too big or too detailed doesn’t fit with output devices’ criteria. One of my biggest inspirations came from the well-known auxiliary company: Logitech, a company, shares a common goal with Vibe with a logo lays around the theme of simplicity.

With its simple G on the right and with the color Blue, Logitech shows a simple but technological feel of the design. A G with an arrow look, connect with the title font, effectively demonstrated its company. When putting this logo on a mouse, it doesn’t take much space for its tiny while significant design, easily gets recognized with its bright blue color design. Condoning different audiences’ needs, young audiences will fall into their technology-like color scheme, and older audiences can enjoy its high performance. I followed a similar format and began developing my 50+ designs.

As the inspiration of Logitech, My designs are mostly following with simplicity and fancy looking, also relating with the company’s name. While some of these might be tried, others that looked complex but will be simplified afterward.

Most of the designs follow the genre of easy designs. V. I tried different methods such as flipping, adding elements, inputting images, and much else, all relating to the company’s heading. During the development of the process, I learned to use different design principles to make designs unique and make them definable, know it’s from Vibe. I decided to make my logo with the color red to draw people’s attention since red is a noticeable color and fits the category of cool for teenagers.

One of the logo idea but wasn’t utilized: H

This was one of the designs I developed during learning different apps and tools; I made an H with these cutting looking effects to make it fancy. I was really into this idea and was hyped when I saw the outcome; most feedback complimented my creativity and different elements. But its detailed H becomes a disadvantage when it comes to logo designs for Auxiliaries; it’s too detailed. Too detailed can maximize the benefit of attracting audiences, when seeing this logo instantly getting shocked and willing to buy it’s the product. However, although I did attempt this type of design with the company, it honestly looks perfect; it’s way too complicated to let printers inhale. Even without mentioning the liquify design, the cutting particles, the connections are already hard enough for printers to print, so I had to abandon this idea and other complicated designs. This one logo really helped me develop more ideas since I understand different constraints and effects on different needs.

Within these designs, I chose designs that would fit the restrictions and company needs.5 designs.

These are some of the final designs when combining all the designs together; all these address its name and its Vibe.  The V on top was the H type design I talked about before, and it’s eliminated for its complicated particles and wouldn’t look decent without it. The most significant one is the one with lines that shows a cool-looking logo; this was one of those attempts that you don’t follow your company and aim for the technological designs. If there’s no direct link towards the company just by the logo itself, only the bottom title would tell consumers. Also, anything related to Vibe wasn’t significant in it; it’s basically a regular logo, but the shape and format look insane, and it would look fantastic on auxiliaries. The one with a heart-beating line connecting to V and be following up was one of the more straightforward designs,  demonstrating the company name visually. However, similar problems with others can’t fit within the topic of auxiliary company. This particular one wouldn’t show the simplicity and small on a device, also distracting and ruining the technology feeling for the devices. It did represent Vibe in a more interesting way of image, but with all the other restrictions, this wasn’t very convincing and standing out. For the final two, which combines two Vs together with different placements to present the company, one stands out the V, and one stands out both Vs. These designs really showed a good concept for what Vibe needs, standing out the V, and also creative and outstanding, its simple design could also be easily printed on devices.


This logo was finally chosen within all the constraints considered. This particular logo fits all the requirements for Vibe, simple design, fancy looking, also representing the company. The two Vs looks quite significant, standing out the company V ibe; Also building up, the simplicity for this design is amazing, basically for lines can finish this logo, easy to be printed; connecting to different target audiences, I used red to attract teenagers since most of them were obsessed with cool colors such as red. The design building up with the Vs, forged a chain-looking shape, referring to constant, and also technology.

Further Developments:

After setting the final designs, I further developed it by drawing extra designs relating to the final design.

after a further development, I came up several ideas revolving around the final designs, and found some interesting discoveries. I simplified the logo even more and trying to stand out the V more to present Vibe, and came up the number 1, which is one of my favorites because of its look. The whole designs are more straight lines rather than different connecting points to make the v more significant. However, the reason I liked this design is it’s technology look, combining with the requirements of the company, the logo worked better than before. The one below the number 1 design stands the V out more than any other logos, to make it more distinguish. People did gave me feedback about how this one works better than others, but I do think the first one worked better for outputs.

Finally, I decided the number 1 logo than the other one due to its more simple design and fitting the theme for the logo.



Here are some prop examples, it work well with different bags for the company. However, i couldn’t find any output props with no copyright claim, so bag is the only prop i could try on.


As for the design process, I’m impressed with how many designs I can think of, which were all used in the final decisions; the utilization of simplicity, cool-looking, company-related really stands out in different drafts. However, I kind of fell into the idea of only focus on V. Mulitple designs of mine were only putting the focal point on V, which makes it very bland in terms of creativity. As the final design came out, I wasn’t delighted with its look. Even with the help of Illustrator, the shapes were weird. It’s supposed to be straight and formal, but it looks like a rough sketch of the design, I couldn’t refine it because of certain issues, so this image was used for the final.

Graphic Design: Logo Design

Assignment information: Logo Design assignment’s main idea is to develop a quality logo that fits your chosen client’s requirements.

Client: Vibe, a company, began recently trying to sell products for auxiliary devices (ex: headphones, earphones, mouse, keyboard)

Target Audiences: Gamer, Teenagers

Requirements: Simple and Stylish, easy to be put on products


These are just some brief designs during the mindmap process, some of them worked decently, but some didn’t. This mindmap’s main idea is around what’s most beneficial for an auxiliary device, small but fancy-looking. I find designs such as double Vs or related vibrancy interesting since both can develop an easy design and fit the company name and needs.


Justify Choices:

These are some final ideas. These combine all the drafts before and all the requirements. The reason I chose these is because of their simplicity and design. When putting these logos on an auxiliary device, it wouldn’t take a significant amount of space and show good detail and design. But some of them still maintain different problems as being a logo, some which are difficult to print out, some don’t stand out as much as others, which leads me to the final decision:

When thinking about relating with the company, simplicity, and fancy, this logo would easily dominate other designs. The logo balances all the elements well. It’s simple, basically created by 4 lines but with a unique look, and the whole design is two Vs. Most importantly, it fits auxiliary devices perfectly, not too big but eye-catching, easy to print on devices, all of these necessary requirements are all appliable.

One of the most competing logo with the final one would be this:

Like the final logo, it’s simple with 5 shapes, fancy looking, and easy to print. This logo wasn’t utilized because of not fitting with the company; the logo doesn’t quite fit Vibe as the final one is; arguably, this one looks fancier than the final one, but because of that one constraint, it got eliminated.


I decided to use V more to demonstrate the company, being more recognizable for consumers to know which company this was from, so I arrange two V and refining, then forged this final design. Like mentioned before, the logo is easy to replicate; 4 lines are the maximum steps. This allows it to print on products efficiently and easily and maintain its eye-catching design, making it recognizable for consumers, acknowledging its quality, and purchasing continuously. I emphasized how to stand out the 2 Vs by combining 2D and placement, making it look similar to 3D, the changing placement of two Vs making it unique. By using this might make the brand look better for audiences to buy and remember. The logo is meant to be colored red, which fits the target audience of teenagers. Teens prefer designs that look cool and fashionable; the color red would be more standing out than other colors, and fit a technology feeling. Connecting to the audience’s preferences, teenagers focus on swag; red-colored devices would condone that need.


As for the design process, I’m impressed with how many designs I can think of, which were all used in the final decisions; the utilization of simplicity, cool-looking, company-related really stands out in different drafts. However, I kind of fell into the idea of only focus on V. Mulitple designs of mine were only putting the focal point on V, which makes it very bland in terms of creativity. As the final design came out, I wasn’t delighted with its look. Even with the help of Illustrator, the shapes were weird. It’s supposed to be straight and formal, but it looks like a rough sketch of the design, I couldn’t refine it because of certain issues, so this image was used for the final.


Graphic Design: illustrator tutorials

Samples from tutorials:

Flower and Wave:

flower and wave

illu letter:


pro letter:



Challenges: Getting use to new apps to generate high-quality products, and get the hang of these different tools. Illustrator has very different tools to create pictures with its own unique ways, getting used to it was really challenging

Tips: Use alt+a to make the samples uneditable, so when you create your designs, your picture wouldn’t get affected.

Future uses: Use Alt+a to act like other apps I used before, and also making it unselectable.

Digital self-portrait

Create a low-poly portrait - Digital Arts

Value Planes

Many portraits took place of the visual typical art style of drawing every detail about themselves, which still looks amazing nonetheless, but it becomes so common that it doesn’t interest me very much. This portrait however caught my eyes as not following the rules of deploying detailed art, the idea of capturing lightings by utilizing shapes really gives the portrait something special. I really love the idea of using shapes to create a portrait of someone, how it’s giving it a nice texture. Even with all the rectangle and shapes, the art still forms a decent face and all the lightings.

  • Who created the portrait and how (try to find examples that tell you this info, otherwise, take a guess)?

The creator has a high chan

  • How would you describe the portrait style? What does it tell you about the person?
  • What design elements can you identify (line, color, texture, shape, tone, form)?
  • What do you like about each example and how might it work for your self-portrait?


Clip Studio Paint Tutorial 】 How To Paint a Portrait in Oil Paint

Oil art

  • What is design?

designs are usually ideas performed in visual text, it could have many different types of design, but all of them show the interpretation of the designer’s idea.

  • What are your interests, goals and skills in design?

I would try to expand my idea by utilizing different techniques, maybe different colors, different lightings to significant out important information. My goal is hopefully presenting my personal character, what is unique or different about me, and my thoughts on different things.

Digital portrait

  • Embed your poster and link to the PDF version
  • Explain how the style of your self-portrait reflects who you are
  • Explain some of the design decisions you made with the presentation poster
  • Reflect on the successes of your poster and explain what you would do differently next time

This is my self-portrait, I made my style a bit funky to make the poster look unique, all the different lightings and contrast in different parts shows my interests and ideas. I utilized different lightings for this poster since my idea for this poster is to make my poster a big contrast with the lightings, so my main color is dark, but the lights and details are with light colors such as pink and green. I hope the different techniques I used shows my character as a challenger for different ideas, or something more unique to do.

The decision I made with the poster was to change some of the weird colors after the whole background becomes become black, since the darker the surroundings are, the brighter the colors are. The second change I did was the most important one that changed the entire poster, the original portrait was just a half body of myself, there wasn’t that hand with the pen to the left in my first concept, which would be a really big bummer if I didn’t change that because this looks much better.

I think what I successfully did during the design was the different techniques come along together well when the final portrait came out, different lightings, the hand that balanced the placement of the poster, and so on. What I could work on better is on the sketching and coloring, My original idea was to make it look as messy as possible, but once it came out it wasn’t a good idea, especially when the whole color went dark, the lack of precision came bite me in the back.

About Me as a Designer

My inspiration:

  • What is design?

Design is a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other objects before it is made. However, graphic design is the process of visual communication through the use of typography, photography, iconography, and illustration. A design could have different meanings for different circumstances.

  • What inspires me about design?

Designs are usually an important step in demonstrating an idea, took the same place in art in my opinion. Art expresses the artist’s feelings during the creation, it has its own idea and charm that makes it unique. Designs take those rolls and keep pushing and making until it comes to a point when it reaches its satisfaction, the process is the joy to it, and the failures of other designs reward you with better inspirations and creations.

  • What are my favorite design examples?

There aren’t any specific design examples that really interests me(unfinished)

  •  Who are my favorite designers?

Me as a designer:

  • What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why?
  • What would I like to get better at doing as a designer? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)
  • What do already do pretty well? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

English 9 Final Blog Reflection

  • What did I learn about how writers use language to create a humorous effect?

After the final Humor lesson, I learned not only what types of techniques there are, but also how to use multiple methods to create humor, how to bring it up, how to make the technique more efficient.

  • What are some things that I would still like to learn more about with respect to this topic?

I would like to learn more about defining Poem humor. Compare Play humor and Poem humor, I think Poem humor is a bit more challenging to identify, there’re many poems that I can’t get a sense of humor, so I had t go find lyrics that I understand.

  • Did I achieve the SMART goal I set for myself in this unit? Why or why not?

I think I did achieve the smart goal, but not 100 present. My smart goal is to define humor techniques, I gain improvement never the less, but I think I could get more revisions, I still sometimes struggle with poem humor, and would be better to define it easier.

  • What was particularly challenging about this unit?

I think the challenge in this unit is about defining the different usage of different techniques, what are the relationship between them. This is very useful in humor, it gives much stronger humor after knowing how to use the relationships between different techniques.

  • What successes did I have?

For some of the plays, I quickly defined what techniques they used to get a sense of humor. I think this is what I succeeded. In the Alan Ayckbourn play, I can identify the A Talk in the park quickly and efficiently.

  • To what extent did I meet the Student as a Learner (SAL) criteria of “Responsibility” and “Attitude”?

I don’t think I reached the SAL Responsibility. Nearly every part of the assignment’s deadline was so long ago, I couldn’t submit everything on time, and didn’t take it very seriously. This is a severe problem and had to change in the future, I think the only Responsibility I had was I finished it, and that’s it.

  • In what ways do I still need to grow with respect to these two SALs?

Nearly every part of the assignment’s deadline was so long ago, I couldn’t submit everything on time, and didn’t take it very seriously. This is a severe problem and had to change in the future,

  • What goals do I have for my learning in English 10?

Changing all the mistakes I had done before: Responsibility, Attitude, and others.

The Food Truck Assignment

In the whole section of this E-learning, there are three things I actually enjoyed: 1. stay home; 2. Finally learning Biology; 3. Food Truck Assignment.

The Food Truck Assignment is a project where you get to design a food truck for yourself, which is very simple, and somehow I messed up because of my self-management, but either way, it’s still delightful.

My final Food Truck sells drinks and food like a Cafe, like coffee, cookies, sandwich, smoothie, and more. My inspiration came from a well-known cafe name Starbucks, I personally love Starbucks, the environment, the items, They’re all excellent. Starbucks is one of those places I can stay for like hours and felt like minutes. SO I plan to create a Food Truck Simular to Starbucks called Bean Coffee. The logo would be two coffee beans and a leaf below, which is a logo I designed with my friend’s help. The Truck would look like a modern wooden truck, I like the brownish wood of my car that gets the vibe of getting into the environment besides it, like in the park, this car would be a beauty, and getting the park a bit more color and interest. My idea can be a food supply, and also a decoration for somewhere, so I think it wouldn’t be an eyesight-blocking thing.

These are my designs; although it looks simple, I’m getting the taste I’m looking for. I think all of the items, logo, and the Truck fit with the product I’m selling, a traditional look for a Cafe. Many Cafe has that wooden feeling and coffee beans showing off everywhere, which is the beans logo inspiration actually. The Bean is not complicated rather easy to design, it’s straightforward. Basically, a ball below with a line in the middle and another one on top, the simple design can immediately give you the picture of coffee beans.


The steps for me to come up with my Truck are quite exciting and straightforward, I first went online and search for Cafe, and of course, the first image it popped out is this giant Starbucks logo. Suddenly, it reminded me this one time I went to Canada, I saw this wooden food truck which grabbed my attention for a long time, I just can’t forget that beauty inside that wooden Truck, and the Truck already had its shape after that flashback. The next step is to think of the products, and of course, the first inspiration is Starbucks. Like I said before, I love Starbucks, so I would sell products like coffee and such. I think the most important thing that inspired me was Starbucks. Although the Canada wooden car took part too. One of the critical facts I learned about is the importance of the environment. When I visited different coffee shops, I realized many Cafes has the design of wood. I’m getting it now after the project: Coffee fits with wood. When you’re having an afternoon tea, The wooden texture gives you a very comfortable feeling and actually making the coffee taste better. I found this interesting and used it in my Truck.

The final reflection: This Food Truck Assignment is actually very fun to do and what I went well is the idea I’m getting is not bad, I like the wooden theme I think of, and that’s the best part. What I messed up are my managing skills. Whenever I felt I have enough time and doing it on the last day, it doesn’t work, so I need to stop doing that for later assignments because it will defiantly ruin me.


Typography Design process and Reflection

Typography is one of the beauties of words, it’s the art of letters that gives the letter a little change, for example, increasing the contrast between where and where, or adding a little hook at somewhere. Although the changes are small, it adds a personality to the letters; some typography would make this whole paragraph more elegant, some of which would make it looks more enjoyable to read. These small changes might make a big difference in your design.


For the final project. I didn’t know how to put words in different places, so I use text boxes everywhere with different sizes, and it would look like it’s randomized. The text box has some limits though if text boxes are too close, the words inside will disappear, so I had to make it in a limited order. If I could just learn how to put the letters in the order I prefer, I might put a little bit more personality in this project.

Final Reflective Blog Post (English)

· How did you assess yourself on the “collaboration” strand of the student as a learner rubric?

I would think I did ok on the collaboration part, not good nor bad. the reason is I did horribly on the first time of collaborating, I didn’t finish what my team wanted me to do, but after that, I began to start actually collaborate with my team, and helped with whatever trouble the team had.

· What are your strengths as a team member?

I think my strengths would be coming up plans because there are many pages I helped my teammate about making the ppt and what should we add in the PowerPoint, although some of my plans weren’t selected, I still had participated in creating and designing the PowerPoint

· What do you still need to work on?

I need to work on my time managing skills, there was a lot of work I should have been finished at what time but because of my lack of skills of time managing, I couldn’t finish it at that time.

· Can you rank the norms of collaboration based on their degree of importance?

Yes, people with high participation and high grades such as Maxim in our group participated the most, most of the ideas came from him, the rest of us didn’t take as much part as Maxim.

· Which norms were the easiest for you to implement?

I think completing the jobs the team gave me and designing ideas was the easiest to implement.

· Which were the most difficult?

The most difficult was to manage my time.

· When is collaboration valuable?

I think collaboration is always valuable because everyone’s work is depended on other people’s work, which means only good collaboration can lead us to victory.

· What are the challenges of collaborating with others?

Some of the teammates refuse to do what we gave him to do or rejecting other’s ideas and keep following its own, which would be a really bad situation because everyone has to keep on track in one direction in order to finish at the end as fast as possible.

· How can these challenges best be managed and/or overcome?

The best way to overcome is to speak out and look at other people’s opinion, so we could all sort out with the easiest and most effective way possible.

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