· How did you assess yourself on the “collaboration” strand of the student as a learner rubric?

I would think I did ok on the collaboration part, not good nor bad. the reason is I did horribly on the first time of collaborating, I didn’t finish what my team wanted me to do, but after that, I began to start actually collaborate with my team, and helped with whatever trouble the team had.

· What are your strengths as a team member?

I think my strengths would be coming up plans because there are many pages I helped my teammate about making the ppt and what should we add in the PowerPoint, although some of my plans weren’t selected, I still had participated in creating and designing the PowerPoint

· What do you still need to work on?

I need to work on my time managing skills, there was a lot of work I should have been finished at what time but because of my lack of skills of time managing, I couldn’t finish it at that time.

· Can you rank the norms of collaboration based on their degree of importance?

Yes, people with high participation and high grades such as Maxim in our group participated the most, most of the ideas came from him, the rest of us didn’t take as much part as Maxim.

· Which norms were the easiest for you to implement?

I think completing the jobs the team gave me and designing ideas was the easiest to implement.

· Which were the most difficult?

The most difficult was to manage my time.

· When is collaboration valuable?

I think collaboration is always valuable because everyone’s work is depended on other people’s work, which means only good collaboration can lead us to victory.

· What are the challenges of collaborating with others?

Some of the teammates refuse to do what we gave him to do or rejecting other’s ideas and keep following its own, which would be a really bad situation because everyone has to keep on track in one direction in order to finish at the end as fast as possible.

· How can these challenges best be managed and/or overcome?

The best way to overcome is to speak out and look at other people’s opinion, so we could all sort out with the easiest and most effective way possible.