In the whole section of this E-learning, there are three things I actually enjoyed: 1. stay home; 2. Finally learning Biology; 3. Food Truck Assignment.

The Food Truck Assignment is a project where you get to design a food truck for yourself, which is very simple, and somehow I messed up because of my self-management, but either way, it’s still delightful.

My final Food Truck sells drinks and food like a Cafe, like coffee, cookies, sandwich, smoothie, and more. My inspiration came from a well-known cafe name Starbucks, I personally love Starbucks, the environment, the items, They’re all excellent. Starbucks is one of those places I can stay for like hours and felt like minutes. SO I plan to create a Food Truck Simular to Starbucks called Bean Coffee. The logo would be two coffee beans and a leaf below, which is a logo I designed with my friend’s help. The Truck would look like a modern wooden truck, I like the brownish wood of my car that gets the vibe of getting into the environment besides it, like in the park, this car would be a beauty, and getting the park a bit more color and interest. My idea can be a food supply, and also a decoration for somewhere, so I think it wouldn’t be an eyesight-blocking thing.

These are my designs; although it looks simple, I’m getting the taste I’m looking for. I think all of the items, logo, and the Truck fit with the product I’m selling, a traditional look for a Cafe. Many Cafe has that wooden feeling and coffee beans showing off everywhere, which is the beans logo inspiration actually. The Bean is not complicated rather easy to design, it’s straightforward. Basically, a ball below with a line in the middle and another one on top, the simple design can immediately give you the picture of coffee beans.


The steps for me to come up with my Truck are quite exciting and straightforward, I first went online and search for Cafe, and of course, the first image it popped out is this giant Starbucks logo. Suddenly, it reminded me this one time I went to Canada, I saw this wooden food truck which grabbed my attention for a long time, I just can’t forget that beauty inside that wooden Truck, and the Truck already had its shape after that flashback. The next step is to think of the products, and of course, the first inspiration is Starbucks. Like I said before, I love Starbucks, so I would sell products like coffee and such. I think the most important thing that inspired me was Starbucks. Although the Canada wooden car took part too. One of the critical facts I learned about is the importance of the environment. When I visited different coffee shops, I realized many Cafes has the design of wood. I’m getting it now after the project: Coffee fits with wood. When you’re having an afternoon tea, The wooden texture gives you a very comfortable feeling and actually making the coffee taste better. I found this interesting and used it in my Truck.

The final reflection: This Food Truck Assignment is actually very fun to do and what I went well is the idea I’m getting is not bad, I like the wooden theme I think of, and that’s the best part. What I messed up are my managing skills. Whenever I felt I have enough time and doing it on the last day, it doesn’t work, so I need to stop doing that for later assignments because it will defiantly ruin me.