Create a low-poly portrait - Digital Arts

Value Planes

Many portraits took place of the visual typical art style of drawing every detail about themselves, which still looks amazing nonetheless, but it becomes so common that it doesn’t interest me very much. This portrait however caught my eyes as not following the rules of deploying detailed art, the idea of capturing lightings by utilizing shapes really gives the portrait something special. I really love the idea of using shapes to create a portrait of someone, how it’s giving it a nice texture. Even with all the rectangle and shapes, the art still forms a decent face and all the lightings.

  • Who created the portrait and how (try to find examples that tell you this info, otherwise, take a guess)?

The creator has a high chan

  • How would you describe the portrait style? What does it tell you about the person?
  • What design elements can you identify (line, color, texture, shape, tone, form)?
  • What do you like about each example and how might it work for your self-portrait?


Clip Studio Paint Tutorial 】 How To Paint a Portrait in Oil Paint

Oil art

  • What is design?

designs are usually ideas performed in visual text, it could have many different types of design, but all of them show the interpretation of the designer’s idea.

  • What are your interests, goals and skills in design?

I would try to expand my idea by utilizing different techniques, maybe different colors, different lightings to significant out important information. My goal is hopefully presenting my personal character, what is unique or different about me, and my thoughts on different things.

Digital portrait

  • Embed your poster and link to the PDF version
  • Explain how the style of your self-portrait reflects who you are
  • Explain some of the design decisions you made with the presentation poster
  • Reflect on the successes of your poster and explain what you would do differently next time

This is my self-portrait, I made my style a bit funky to make the poster look unique, all the different lightings and contrast in different parts shows my interests and ideas. I utilized different lightings for this poster since my idea for this poster is to make my poster a big contrast with the lightings, so my main color is dark, but the lights and details are with light colors such as pink and green. I hope the different techniques I used shows my character as a challenger for different ideas, or something more unique to do.

The decision I made with the poster was to change some of the weird colors after the whole background becomes become black, since the darker the surroundings are, the brighter the colors are. The second change I did was the most important one that changed the entire poster, the original portrait was just a half body of myself, there wasn’t that hand with the pen to the left in my first concept, which would be a really big bummer if I didn’t change that because this looks much better.

I think what I successfully did during the design was the different techniques come along together well when the final portrait came out, different lightings, the hand that balanced the placement of the poster, and so on. What I could work on better is on the sketching and coloring, My original idea was to make it look as messy as possible, but once it came out it wasn’t a good idea, especially when the whole color went dark, the lack of precision came bite me in the back.