Assignment information: Logo Design assignment’s main idea is to develop a quality logo that fits your chosen client’s requirements.

Client: Vibe, a company, began recently trying to sell products for auxiliary devices (ex: headphones, earphones, mouse, keyboard)

Target Audiences: Gamer, Teenagers

Requirements: Simple and Stylish, easy to be put on products


These are just some brief designs during the mindmap process, some of them worked decently, but some didn’t. This mindmap’s main idea is around what’s most beneficial for an auxiliary device, small but fancy-looking. I find designs such as double Vs or related vibrancy interesting since both can develop an easy design and fit the company name and needs.


Justify Choices:

These are some final ideas. These combine all the drafts before and all the requirements. The reason I chose these is because of their simplicity and design. When putting these logos on an auxiliary device, it wouldn’t take a significant amount of space and show good detail and design. But some of them still maintain different problems as being a logo, some which are difficult to print out, some don’t stand out as much as others, which leads me to the final decision:

When thinking about relating with the company, simplicity, and fancy, this logo would easily dominate other designs. The logo balances all the elements well. It’s simple, basically created by 4 lines but with a unique look, and the whole design is two Vs. Most importantly, it fits auxiliary devices perfectly, not too big but eye-catching, easy to print on devices, all of these necessary requirements are all appliable.

One of the most competing logo with the final one would be this:

Like the final logo, it’s simple with 5 shapes, fancy looking, and easy to print. This logo wasn’t utilized because of not fitting with the company; the logo doesn’t quite fit Vibe as the final one is; arguably, this one looks fancier than the final one, but because of that one constraint, it got eliminated.


I decided to use V more to demonstrate the company, being more recognizable for consumers to know which company this was from, so I arrange two V and refining, then forged this final design. Like mentioned before, the logo is easy to replicate; 4 lines are the maximum steps. This allows it to print on products efficiently and easily and maintain its eye-catching design, making it recognizable for consumers, acknowledging its quality, and purchasing continuously. I emphasized how to stand out the 2 Vs by combining 2D and placement, making it look similar to 3D, the changing placement of two Vs making it unique. By using this might make the brand look better for audiences to buy and remember. The logo is meant to be colored red, which fits the target audience of teenagers. Teens prefer designs that look cool and fashionable; the color red would be more standing out than other colors, and fit a technology feeling. Connecting to the audience’s preferences, teenagers focus on swag; red-colored devices would condone that need.


As for the design process, I’m impressed with how many designs I can think of, which were all used in the final decisions; the utilization of simplicity, cool-looking, company-related really stands out in different drafts. However, I kind of fell into the idea of only focus on V. Mulitple designs of mine were only putting the focal point on V, which makes it very bland in terms of creativity. As the final design came out, I wasn’t delighted with its look. Even with the help of Illustrator, the shapes were weird. It’s supposed to be straight and formal, but it looks like a rough sketch of the design, I couldn’t refine it because of certain issues, so this image was used for the final.