Assignment information: Logo Design assignment’s main idea is to develop a quality logo that fits your chosen client’s requirements.

Client: Vibe, a company, began recently trying to sell products for auxiliary devices (ex: headphones, earphones, mouse, keyboard)

Target Audiences: Gamer, Teenagers

Requirements: Simple and Stylish, easy to be put on products

Define and model:

When developing logos for an auxiliary device company, the essentials have to stay clean and simple for it to be printable on a device; too big or too detailed doesn’t fit with output devices’ criteria. One of my biggest inspirations came from the well-known auxiliary company: Logitech, a company, shares a common goal with Vibe with a logo lays around the theme of simplicity.

With its simple G on the right and with the color Blue, Logitech shows a simple but technological feel of the design. A G with an arrow look, connect with the title font, effectively demonstrated its company. When putting this logo on a mouse, it doesn’t take much space for its tiny while significant design, easily gets recognized with its bright blue color design. Condoning different audiences’ needs, young audiences will fall into their technology-like color scheme, and older audiences can enjoy its high performance. I followed a similar format and began developing my 50+ designs.

As the inspiration of Logitech, My designs are mostly following with simplicity and fancy looking, also relating with the company’s name. While some of these might be tried, others that looked complex but will be simplified afterward.

Most of the designs follow the genre of easy designs. V. I tried different methods such as flipping, adding elements, inputting images, and much else, all relating to the company’s heading. During the development of the process, I learned to use different design principles to make designs unique and make them definable, know it’s from Vibe. I decided to make my logo with the color red to draw people’s attention since red is a noticeable color and fits the category of cool for teenagers.

One of the logo idea but wasn’t utilized: H

This was one of the designs I developed during learning different apps and tools; I made an H with these cutting looking effects to make it fancy. I was really into this idea and was hyped when I saw the outcome; most feedback complimented my creativity and different elements. But its detailed H becomes a disadvantage when it comes to logo designs for Auxiliaries; it’s too detailed. Too detailed can maximize the benefit of attracting audiences, when seeing this logo instantly getting shocked and willing to buy it’s the product. However, although I did attempt this type of design with the company, it honestly looks perfect; it’s way too complicated to let printers inhale. Even without mentioning the liquify design, the cutting particles, the connections are already hard enough for printers to print, so I had to abandon this idea and other complicated designs. This one logo really helped me develop more ideas since I understand different constraints and effects on different needs.

Within these designs, I chose designs that would fit the restrictions and company needs.5 designs.

These are some of the final designs when combining all the designs together; all these address its name and its Vibe.  The V on top was the H type design I talked about before, and it’s eliminated for its complicated particles and wouldn’t look decent without it. The most significant one is the one with lines that shows a cool-looking logo; this was one of those attempts that you don’t follow your company and aim for the technological designs. If there’s no direct link towards the company just by the logo itself, only the bottom title would tell consumers. Also, anything related to Vibe wasn’t significant in it; it’s basically a regular logo, but the shape and format look insane, and it would look fantastic on auxiliaries. The one with a heart-beating line connecting to V and be following up was one of the more straightforward designs,  demonstrating the company name visually. However, similar problems with others can’t fit within the topic of auxiliary company. This particular one wouldn’t show the simplicity and small on a device, also distracting and ruining the technology feeling for the devices. It did represent Vibe in a more interesting way of image, but with all the other restrictions, this wasn’t very convincing and standing out. For the final two, which combines two Vs together with different placements to present the company, one stands out the V, and one stands out both Vs. These designs really showed a good concept for what Vibe needs, standing out the V, and also creative and outstanding, its simple design could also be easily printed on devices.


This logo was finally chosen within all the constraints considered. This particular logo fits all the requirements for Vibe, simple design, fancy looking, also representing the company. The two Vs looks quite significant, standing out the company V ibe; Also building up, the simplicity for this design is amazing, basically for lines can finish this logo, easy to be printed; connecting to different target audiences, I used red to attract teenagers since most of them were obsessed with cool colors such as red. The design building up with the Vs, forged a chain-looking shape, referring to constant, and also technology.

Further Developments:

After setting the final designs, I further developed it by drawing extra designs relating to the final design.

after a further development, I came up several ideas revolving around the final designs, and found some interesting discoveries. I simplified the logo even more and trying to stand out the V more to present Vibe, and came up the number 1, which is one of my favorites because of its look. The whole designs are more straight lines rather than different connecting points to make the v more significant. However, the reason I liked this design is it’s technology look, combining with the requirements of the company, the logo worked better than before. The one below the number 1 design stands the V out more than any other logos, to make it more distinguish. People did gave me feedback about how this one works better than others, but I do think the first one worked better for outputs.

Finally, I decided the number 1 logo than the other one due to its more simple design and fitting the theme for the logo.



Here are some prop examples, it work well with different bags for the company. However, i couldn’t find any output props with no copyright claim, so bag is the only prop i could try on.


As for the design process, I’m impressed with how many designs I can think of, which were all used in the final decisions; the utilization of simplicity, cool-looking, company-related really stands out in different drafts. However, I kind of fell into the idea of only focus on V. Mulitple designs of mine were only putting the focal point on V, which makes it very bland in terms of creativity. As the final design came out, I wasn’t delighted with its look. Even with the help of Illustrator, the shapes were weird. It’s supposed to be straight and formal, but it looks like a rough sketch of the design, I couldn’t refine it because of certain issues, so this image was used for the final.