Design Briefs:


SWOT analysis for the three design ideas

  1. Art Media Poster

Strength: The idea is decent since the place does receive small intention for students, more like an unnecessary room for others, but actually contains many requirements for art and photographs. The advantage would be the supports from teachers and school because, from the setups and tools, the place did cost an enormous amount of money providing students the best needs for art. Supportments are plot-changing when designing something, more support means a better outcome.



Define and Inquire:

Evaluation & Selection:

The feedback I received did align with what feedback I expect to see. For Anime Logo, most of the feedback is about the expressing problem, which is understandable since the name for this club is really misleading. Our club was about design merch, animation, and such anime for people to enjoy and purchase, therefore donating money to charity. However, connecting to the name of our club, the anime culture club, the audience will be confused by its goal, and it’s also the biggest conflict I need to overcome in this project, defining a logo works the best. There isn’t much feedback I wasn’t expecting because they are all restrictions I considered before taking the risk.

For The Art Media poster, I received enough feedback for me to reconsider many factors for my project. Someone mentioned how I’m supposed to grab attention, this didn’t get me until I revised my plan, and a tour of the Art Media center, I decided to utilize pictures in my poster, different photograph, art designs, to notify readers within the content it has. People also asked about how to present the poster. I’m thinking of putting them on hallways, like advertisements, in front of the art media center, stairways and such. This feedbacks really letting consider specific factors, and it was really useful.