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What is Design?

In my opinion, it is the process of envisioning and planning the creation of things that are useful

Goals in Design:

I strive to be a more creative designer, this can be achieved by doing more research on related subjects and so I know more things that can possibly be an idea/inspiration in future works. Skills are also needed to back this up.

I strive to be a more complete designer meaning iI want to get use to a wide variety of tools/apps that I can use to help me achieve what I want to show in my Designs.

Interests in Design:

I’m interested in design because I think it’s something that can make my life more comfortable when I reach a certain level. This is because everything around us is things other people designed and I wish one day one of those would be a design of my own.


How I made My Self-Portrait:

Step 1:

The first step to making my self-portrait is to trace out the basic outline of my face and a portion of my body. This was a relatively easy process since all I needed is a bit of control of my muscles to keep the lines on point.

Step 2:

The second step was to add in the outline of the cloth and this includes the edges and shades that are visible. This was a bit challenging since this is the first time for me to draw shades on an iPad so I was confused at first.

Step 3:

This step was part of the coloring of the cloth and mainly the hair since the hair is the easiest. After this step, the cloth is close to being finished, all I need is a basic background color to connect and smooth out the colors. (I should do the background first next time.)

Step 4:

This is the shortest step I included, but I still think it’s important. It’s the coloring of the first layer of my face, this is important because the coloring of my face took me the longest and it was hard to make the face look realistic and smooth, but this step helped me the most.

Step 5:

This is the last step where I smoothed out the colors and erased parts that I didn’t need and added details that can elevate the quality of my Portrait.

Qualities of Self-Portrait:

I think a self-portrait needs to be clear of who is it that it is in the drawing, having it spaced out in the whole picture in a way that it points out from the background and is drawn using colors that can describe you as a person or your mood at that time the most, for example, if You just failed a test you can draw your portrait in darker colors or even black and white.

Next time for my own portrait, I think I can definitely make it more detailed and realistic because mine’s this time looks half cartoonish and half realistic, it is a unique style but it wasn’t really what I aimed for.

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These two Posters are in my opinion very well made because the colors are very visually pleasing and the balance between the picture of themselves and the words describing them are very reasonable.

user persona poster. If you're a user experience professional, listen to The UX Blog Podcast on iTunes. | Desain cv, Desain resume, Desain

This Poster is well made in my opinion, because the whole poster is very organized, it has been split into 4 different sections and there are detailed descriptions and one of them also contains a picture of himself.

This is a bad example of a Persona Poster because even though the design seems simple and smooth but there are just a few words describing what the poster is about while there’s also a lack of imagery that can show the main topic.

This is another bad example of a persona poster in my opinion because the words are too messy and the size of each is relatively the same making it hard to understand what the main idea is and where to start looking.

Lastly, this is also a bad example of a persona poster. This is kind of the same as the first where there’s not enough information on what the poster is about while also not having enough imagery to show relative information.


My Design:

My design isn’t too special and creative since it’s just a very straight forward portrait that I aimed to be realistic in shape and try something cool with the colors. The Portrait turned out a bit dirty since the edges and details can be handled more carefully and which I will next time. I didn’t have a background because I tried few colors and it didn’t come out the way I wanted to of making my Portrait sticking out from the rest of the background.


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  1. I like the detailed explanation of your blog. You communicated your ideas of design and how you came up with your design clearly, it shows that you know a lot about design. For example, you explained every step of your portrait making progress and how it would fit in your poster, which shows your understanding of graphic design really well.

  2. I like the different shades of color you incorporated in your design, I think your design does look simple and realistic. I think the character you created is a pretty accurate depiction of yourself.

  3. I really like the use of monotone color on your poster, even with one tone of color I could see that you were able to show shades and dimensions with it. I also like how you left parts of it white to make the colors really show on your hoodie. The white could make the brown come out as well as give a feeling of lighting.

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