We have been in the Planet x459 for a week. Our president is Chief Choi, we have elected her by voting. The councilors (Michelle, Patrick, and Leonor)and Chief Choi made laws and punishments for 4PR’s Awesome Village. Then the villagers ratified the constitution so that we all agree and follow the law that we made. The village is starting to have houses and farms.

There are plenty of water and wood but there are not enough food for everybody in the world to eat. So I suggest to share and trade foods with others. If this suggestion is not working, I will suggest that the farm should be shared with many people.

There is also some taxes where we have to pay every Tuesday. People were complaining about taxes but the councilors and Chief Choi made it better so they are not complaining now. The taxes are 2woods of any kind. I wish there was no more complaints about the taxes.