Changes in Character

In this text message, it shows how the theme of Looking for Alaska by John Green developed throughout the story. I chose to make a text messaging post because the changes in Pudge can be seen clearly with his parents. The conversation of Miles and his mom can best show how the theme developed. I chose the quotes because it showed the actions and thoughts that clearly characterizes Miles (Pudge). The theme is that the environment can change one’s characteristics and personalities. Pudge changed in a plethora of ways by moving to Culver Creek High School. He changed from a passive character to someone with a strong sense of identity. This change was very clear throughout the story.

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  1. Hi Michelle, I just wanted to leave a comment on your blog. What I specifically liked about your blog is that you used a completely different type of multimedia to express your feelings about this book. Your theme is clear and straightforward so it helps me to understand the overall vibe of the book. I realized that your theme is kind of related to the criminals all around the world because they grew up in an unsafe environment like Miles and their personalities changed in a bad way. I’m just going to leave a question for you to answer, Why do you think John Green left the mystery of Alaska’s death unsolved?

    • Michelle

      2018-12-13 at 21:41

      Hello Amily, thank you for your comment. I think that John Green left the mystery of Alaska’s death unsolved because it gives a sense of misery. By leaving Pudge, Colonel and Takumi to resolve the mystery of Alaska’s death, it clearly shows the thoughts of each individual about the death. By having Pudge not accepting the fact that Alaska has really died, it gives the readers a sense of how Alaska was important in Pudge’s life.

  2. Hi, I liked how you used a fake message program to promote your ideas about this book, Looking for Alaska. Especially, your quotes (“Ordering Mcdonalds…”) really flow well in the fake message chat. Your fake message really connects to our modern world of actions in teenagers. Like how Pudge changed throughout our story, I believe that there are many examples of teenagers changing itself based on its group of friends or environment that he or she is in to. Do you think that us, in our life is possible to change like how Pudge has changed throughout the story?

    • Michelle

      2018-12-13 at 21:45

      Hi Stella, thank you for your comment. I personally think that it is possible to change just like Pudge. Pudge was actually an ordinary little teenage boy in the beginning; however, he changes throughout the story because he meets these group of friends. I am sure that one can be changed by the accompanying he keeps because there is this saying that states, “One can be justified in their accompany one keeps.”

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