I found the “Hubble Deep Field” more inspiring than the “Pale Blue Dot”.


The “Hubble Deep Field” explains how the pictures of the Space were taken by Hubble, and the “Pale Blue Dot” explains on the astonishing points of astronomy. Both videos explain where Earth is, and how Earth is very small compared to Space. There were more pictures of the space seen in “Hubble Deep Field” compared with “Pale Blue Dot”.


I like videos that explain how something was done. Explanations of how the pictures of the Earth was taken was generally more shown by the “Hubble Deep Field”. It explained how much time it took Hubble to take pictures of the Earth, and how Carl helped inspire people around the Earth. Both explain how Earth is very small compared to Space, but “The Hubble Deep Field” compares it to our daily life, whereas the “Pale Blue Dot” compares it to the history of civilizations and wars. Comparison of our daily life is better to imagine compared to the comparison to history since it is a subject that we all understand and do. Pictures of the space is a visualization on what space looks like. Having more pictures of the Space, the “Hubble Deep Field” helps us to visualize the size of the Space more than the “Pale Blue Dot”. Therefore, I found the “Hubble Deep Field” more interesting than the “Pale Blue Dot”.