Month: February 2019

Pet My Head – Robot Petting Zoo

Skills that I learned and developed were coding and designing. By using pre-plans and ideas, I was able to design a cat and program the movements of the head. To make the cat look appealing, I used specific measurements for each of the boxes needed, and painted the boxes according to my interest in color. Coding was a preferably new concept, since I did not have opportunities to code before. Even though coding felt like a difficult subject, I was able to alter the codes accordingly to match the movements of my cat. The wiring and connecting each of the pieces when programming was also a new concept. “Make a circuit and you would be fine.” This was my personal directions when wiring the sensor, the Arduino Board, and the servos together. This made the process very simple, because I was looking for circuits to see the mistakes of programming.

My biggest obstacle was that the cat did not tilt the head whenever the sensor was touched. The servo kept falling, so the angle of the servo needed to be altered all the time. This problem was not solved even on the day of the exhibition, which made us be very busy readjusting the servos whenever someone touched the sensor. To solve this problem, we tried to used more tape, shorten the cardboard that was blocking the servo. However, none of these methods worked. Therefore, if I had more time to consider this problem, I would have found a way to have the servo be at the same angle every time the sensor was touched.

My biggest success was that I was able to make the cat move. Even though the movement was not consistent, by having the cat tilt its head, I felt a sense of pride in myself. Being able to move a cat without an actual force applied by myself, but with the computer was a huge achievement, as this process involved the designing, and programming the cat all with our own knowledge.


NASA Future Missions

Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?


NASA should focus their future missions on the further discovery of Jupiter and Saturn’s moons.


“Scientists revisit data that points to water plumes on a moon of Jupiter”:

  • “Scientists suspect that warm, liquid water lives under Europa’s thick ice shell. Given that, this moon is considered a ‘top candidate’ by NASA for life on another world in our solar system.”
  • “Many questions remain about what is contained in the plumes, and whether that includes some form of life.”

“Search for life beyond Earth might only need go as far as Saturn’s rings”:

  • “[NASA] thinks [the hydrogen molecules found in Enceladus] could be coming from chemical reactions deep in the ocean. These reactions between water and rock could spark life for microbes”


Discoveries among Europa and Enceladus of the possibilities of life have been found, but the information given is still rough, and there are suspicions among the foundations. Therefore, future research to focus on further discovery of Europa and Enceladus. With the discovery of the water plumes in Europa and the hydrogen molecules found in Enceladus, scientists found the possibilities of life, which is considered crucial in the future explorations. Thus, future missions should be focused on further discovery among Europa and Enceladus.

Great Works are Performed by Perseverance

I decided to do embroidery because it was a new activity that I have never done before. I thought that it would be something to test my patience and perseverance, as I did not know my strength on these aspects. Before this activity, I had a doubt on my patience and perseverance, because I did not think that I had patience and that I persevere. Because I was embroidering the characters that I felt the passion for, I thought it was not going to be as challenging as embroidering the other drawings.

I did well on being able to design the embroidery to make characters that I like. Using the threads that were given, I was able to bring color and life to the characters. I learned that embroidery takes lots of patience and perseverance, as it is a very long and repetitive process that could get boring. Only having such done in 3 hours, I felt mentally difficult, as I thought there were a plethora of things left to do.

In the beginning, I was to have an ordered embroidery kit to work on; however, it did not come on time, and I had to design and embroider my own. This was a very good opportunity for me to be able to handcraft the things that I wanted, which was the BT21 characters. Even though it took me over 30 minutes to design and draw the characters, I was able to manage the time to finish the embroidery, as I was able to use the stitching techniques of my choices.

One day is important because it is an opportunity for me to try something new. It was a chance to test my limits on the categories that we chose. By choosing embroidery, I was able to see what I like to do, and what I do not. To finish my work, I had to bring it home and it was a very challenging process physically and mentally, as I was working on this for over ten hours. However, I think it was a time to show my parents what I have achieved on OneDay.


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