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Above is the theme for Give Me Liberty by L.M. Elliot. It is about Nathaniel Dunn, who has his father lost, meeting Basil as his owner in Virginia. To pursue the dream of liberty of America, Nathaniel, Basil’s book and music, and an apprentice called Ben together opened their minds of equality. However, Nathaniel found out that his close friend, Moses, could only escape from slavery by attending the British Army. This questioned Nathaniel of the meaning and purpose of a country, and later concluded that there were no guarantees of happiness of success, but just possibilities.

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Change or Not to Change, That is the Question

For a long time, Timothy wore his red coat with pride. As a 20 year-old soldier, he never felt doubt into the power and authority of King George III. Twenty years since 1763 changed Timothy to end his career as a redcoat. Come and experience the journey of Timothy in his Journal written throughout the American Revolution.

As a result of the American Revolution, numerous factors changed due to the modification in governmental power. There were religious freedom in the colonies where everyone were to believe in their own religions. All men were equal. After experiencing the ages of monarchy in Great Britain, the Americans decided to limit the power of the central government and set up a local government. Changing the system of monarchy, the Americans set their government with presidents.

Even though a plethora of things changed, aspects of the government have stayed the same from the system of the British. Slaves and women were still not treated equally where they were not allowed to own property until later. White men had all the rights and power while women were still considered wards of their husband. They had no voting rights and personal properties. There were still power to the Continental Congress which helped to make decisions for the government.

Researching Reliability


I can ensure my information is reliable when researching health-related topics on the internet by going through the CRAP Test (Currency Relevance Authority Purpose).



  • published in 2011 December 30


  • Audience – adults
  • Language – formal
  • Tone – unbiased


  • .gov URL
  • Scientific Journal
  • Published by PMC (US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health)


  • To inform about Anxiety
  • The information are facts

– Its is somewhat unreliable


By looking at the date that the article was published, we can see how recent and up to date an article is. This gives a sense to the readers  when the statistics shown were based on, and how long ago the article was posted. The most recent articles would be more reliable than the other articles. Relevance refers to the usefulness of the information. Reading an article that are very complicated with an adult level of vocabulary can cause more confusion to teenagers. Having biased tone can only have the readers know about one side of a situation. By looking at the relevance, it is easy to find an article that matches my reading level and purpose. Authority refers to the source of information. Knowing where the information comes from and who it is published by can help determine the reliability of the information. It would not be reliable if it is not written by an expert of a subject. The purpose refers  to the reason of existence of the information. If it is there to persuade someone or for a use of propaganda, then it would probably be biased, making the source unreliable. Even though the source above is published by a reliable source, it is written about seven years ago, and it does not fit my reading level, which makes the source somewhat unreliable.


Technology Use

Technology is used to contact friends and families, do homework, obtain information, and to find out about the ongoing issues of the world. It helps to maintain a close relationships with people that are far away, or those who is hard to meet face to face. To obtain information of a certain issue or idea, people would go to the internet or the mass media of technology, as it is the most convenient and fast way to collect information that a person needs or wants. Through news reports or through social media, people can find out about the world outside of their own environments. It is how people know what is going on around the world.

However, there are many negative factors of technology, and one of the most dreadful factor is technology addiction. The brain cells release Dopamine whenever they feel a positive feeling from an action. This leads the brain to let the body repeat the action until it satisfies the brain. To satisfy the brain, more and more of Dopamine is needed. This could be a positive act for certain activities, but it is not when it comes to technology addiction. When the use of technology is being demanded by the brain more and more, this could lead to technology addiction, which could lead to several different negative values either in society, or in physical health.

Technology use can also be harmful through the spread in personal information. Even though there are many people who use technology for personal use, there are many people who use technology as their own advantage that even includes using other people’s personal information. This could harm the future of the person who had their information stolen, as they could use the information in numerous ways.

Incomplete Wood Turtle


During the Maker’s Wood shop Enrichment, my final project was to carve out a turtle using wood. It did not turn out as I wanted it to be, as it was hard to completely carve out the shape, but I am fairly satisfied of the result that it turned out as. I was able to make the outline of the turtle, and was able to make the shape.

I have learned to use different materials to create products that I want using wood. Learning these methods were quite challenging as it included the use of new materials. However, I was able to manage the challenges and create the things that I wanted to make. The final product did not turn out as I wanted it to be; however, I am proud of my work as it is the evidence of new learning in a short amount of period.

Learning to use these materials started out with making a desk cabby. It did not turn out very well as it was one of my few times of touching wood. Then, we moved onto making the frame. The biggest challenge here was precision as it required the exact measurements and precise cutting. I used a guide to cut the pieces, but the wood turned out to be a a bit small as I wanted it to be. Even though there are minor errors in the frame, I was quite proud of it.

A Few can Lead to Great Changes


Wynton Marsalis, an American trumpeter once said, “Many a revolution started with the actions of a few. Only 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence. A few hanging together can lead to a nation to change.” The American Revolution happened between 1763 and 1783. Because of the taxation put onto the American colonists, they declared their independence from the British. This was the first time that any colony in the world have declared its independence from the “home country”. Becoming an evidence that a few can lead to a great change, the American Revolution was one of the fascinating revolutions that happened around the world.


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