Month: September 2021

Sleep and the Sun will Rise

Students participating in the International Baccalaureate Program tend to prioritize academic work over sleep in the struggle over an overwhelming workload. To address this issue, I created a poster to draw attention to the importance of sleep before an exam. My primary audience is IB students who are neglecting sleep to study. Strategies that I employ to achieve my poster include color, symbolism, pathos, and word choice.

I utilize colors to draw the audience into the argument addressed. First, I used purple, the sky’s color during sunrise, to emphasize the importance of sleep at night. Furthermore, yellow in the poster is depicted as sunshine, representing cheerfulness and happiness. Hence, yellow illustrates the successful outcome of sleeping, an outstanding grade. Red, a conspicuous color, helps to draw the audience into the number 7. The bright color leads the audience to consider the symbolism of the sun that surrounds the number.

I symbolized outstanding grades as the sun to appeal to pathos. The sun with the number 7 represents the audiences’ desired grades. The imagery of the sun rising shows that as one sleeps, their desired grade gradually approaches. Through this symbolism, the audience is touched on their hopes of success in their exam. Thus, the poster appeals to pathos.

Finally, I selected the word “rise” in the slogan that shows the sun’s motion to create an optimistic mood. The rising sun illustrates the situation where success in an exam is approaching. Thus, the word “rise” conveys the positive mood that audiences’ hopes are about to be achieved.

Overall, I created a strong emotional connection with the audience to emphasize the importance of sleep, using color, symbolism, and word choice. I hope that students will become aware of the importance of prioritizing sleep on the day before an exam.

Propaganda Poster Analysis Reflection

Considering the posters that we have analyzed as a class, what are some of the key elements of propaganda that they seem to share in common?

Propaganda uses many rhetorical devices to achieve its purpose towards a specified audience. Propaganda techniques include: logos, pathos, ethos, ad hominem, ad populum, etc. They also represent some figures positively and some negatively to convey its message. The posters also use red to represent hope and the positive future. Because red represents communism, it is always present. Chairman Mao is mostly in the center of the poster with a benign facial expression.


How are Chinese people represented in them?

Chinese people are represented positively with kindly, determined, glorious facial expressions. They are often the greatest figure illustrated in the poster. They are mostly looking up in the sky to represent the bright future. The poster shows the teeth of the Chinese to show that they are happy. They have their mouth closed to show determination.


How are members of other groups being represented?

Americans, who are considered as enemies of the Chinese, are mocked in their position or facial expression. North Koreans, who are considered allies, are illustrated as normal humans, but is still smaller in size than the Chinese. Democratic countries’ people are mocked, while Communist countries’ people are idealized.

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