During the Maker’s Wood shop Enrichment, my final project was to carve out a turtle using wood. It did not turn out as I wanted it to be, as it was hard to completely carve out the shape, but I am fairly satisfied of the result that it turned out as. I was able to make the outline of the turtle, and was able to make the shape.

I have learned to use different materials to create products that I want using wood. Learning these methods were quite challenging as it included the use of new materials. However, I was able to manage the challenges and create the things that I wanted to make. The final product did not turn out as I wanted it to be; however, I am proud of my work as it is the evidence of new learning in a short amount of period.

Learning to use these materials started out with making a desk cabby. It did not turn out very well as it was one of my few times of touching wood. Then, we moved onto making the frame. The biggest challenge here was precision as it required the exact measurements and precise cutting. I used a guide to cut the pieces, but the wood turned out to be a a bit small as I wanted it to be. Even though there are minor errors in the frame, I was quite proud of it.